Kratom is a tree native to tropical areas and grows natively in Southeast Asia, in areas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It contains psychotropic compounds that alter the emotional state, perception, and physical state of the users. There are a number of slang terms for kratom, including Biak-Biak, Ithang, Maeng Da Leaf, Mambog, Mitragynine Extract, Thang, Thom, and many more.

While the leaves are thought to be used both as medicine and recreationally, unfortunately most people fall into a dangerous cycle of addiction when taking kratom. When used as a drug, the leaves are chewed, or dried and brewed into a tea, which is then said to elevate the mood and energy levels of the user. However, the drawback is that kratom will often perpetuate an addiction, keeping the user in a dangerous cycle of using and possibly returning to harder, more dangerous drugs in return. Furthermore, due to its addictive nature, many people who use kratom end up dependent on it and other drugs in order to feel “functional”.

What is Kratom Maeng Da?

There are many strains of kratom, and Maeng Da is considered to be one of the more popular and powerful strains by many kratom enthusiasts. Maeng Da comes in three different types that are graded by the color of the veins in the leaves. The leaves of kratom are usually very dark green, and the difference in the vein color is indicative of the strain and the corresponding effects that are to be expected.

Red Maeng Da

Red maeng da consists of a mixture of the white vein and red vein plants from Indonesia, in an approximate 40% white and 60% red ratio. This is often a mix or variety used to boost motivation, and it can have an intense effect on the beginner. The red component is supposed to make the user feel the stress relief effects, while the white component is what increases alertness and sense of well-being. However, as previously mentioned, kratom in and of itself is extremely addictive and using any strain can lead to serious adverse effects for the user. 

Green Maeng Da

Green maeng da is a variety made from a mixture of white and green vein kratom powder, at about a 20% white to 80% green proportion, depending on the vendor and creator of the formula. The leaves are sourced largely from Indonesia and are often used as a morning tonic, thought to increase optimism. However, as mentioned for all of the strains of kratom, the risk for addiction is high and most users will venture down more dangerous cycles of addiction as a result of taking kratom. 

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White Maeng Da

This kratom maeng da blend is made up of around 70% white vein kratom and about 30% green vein kratom. These are also one of the varieties most commonly sourced from Indonesia and will need up to two days to dry and cure. White maeng da is supposed to promote a sense of well-being and motivation. It is thought to be the most aromatic of the kratom maeng da blends.

General Effects

Maeng da is highly potent, and so most users will find they experience intense effects no matter which blends they prefer.

Kratom maeng da is said to boost energy levels. This is what can lead many people recovering from opioids to try kratom. Some even think it will help reduce or even eliminate many of the symptoms that are associated with opioid withdrawal. Unfortunately, however, users taking this route are still putting themselves at risk for developing a dependency on kratom maeng da, whether a physical chemical dependence or a psychological dependence. Furthermore, using kratom in replace of appropriate treatment or rehab can be extremely dangerous as it can lead the user to trying other drugs to gain the same “high” that kratom can give. Furthermore, because kratom acts on opioid receptors, there is a high risk that the user will stay in the dangerous cycle of addiction to opioids, instead of withdrawing.

Dangerous Side-Effects of Using Kratom Maeng Da

Kratom has a high possibility of adverse side-effects and danger to the user. If someone uses kratom and then consumes nicotine, for example, the kratom can become incredibly toxic. Additionally, many users smoke the kratom maeng da, even in extracted powder form. This leads to not just potential kratom use dangers, but also the dangers of smoking anything, including leaves or powders.

Dangerous and even potentially deadly side effects can include physical damage to the airway due to inhaling hot smoke. Damage to the capillary tissue in the lungs, which reduces the ability of the lungs to keep up with the body’s demands for fresh oxygen. On their own, either of these can be life-changing, but together, they can boost the risk of chronic breathing disorders such as COPD.

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How to Safely Detox From Kratom Maeng Da

Just as with many other drugs that create dependencies, whether chemical or psychological, kratom has the potential to create a very robust use & reward cycle for its users, meaning some users will experience difficulty when trying to stop using kratom maeng da.If this sounds like you or someone you know, you can assure them that they have a support network, and that help is waiting.

By working with experienced treatment professionals the individual in recovery will be able to have input on the type of treatment they think will be best. This can be anything from an inpatient detox plan with medical supervision, to an intensive outpatient plan that will help you on your schedule. 

By learning more advanced techniques and methods for mitigating possibly triggering events or situations, the recovering individual is given a robust mental toolset. This helps ensure the stability and success of long-term recovery. Reach out today to discuss your kratom recovery needs.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to kratom, the time to get help is now. Don’t let another sacred moment of your life pass you by while being plagued by the dangerous grip of an addiction. Reach out to a friendly enrollment advisor today to get the help you need and deserve.

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Amanda Stevens

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