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How Infinite Compares

Researching drug & alcohol treatment centers and comparing services can be overwhelming. Cost, proximity, quality of services, reviews and reputation are all important factors to take into consideration.

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. Below are some of the unique benefits Infinite offers for those struggling with addiction, and how we compare to other programs.

The Infinite Experience

Family Owned and Operated

The healing and wellbeing of your loved one is personal to us. We pride ourselves on offering the most heart-centered, dedicated care possible, and our goal is for every client to feel that care.

Full Continuum of Care

At Infinite, the same caring and familiar faces will support your loved one each step of the way—from detox to sober living. Our continuum of care allows us to provide the exact level of services you need.

Treating the Root Causes of Addiction

We address the underlying causes of addiction, such as unresolved trauma, and give people the resources they need to build healthy reward system models to replace addictive neurological reward system behavior. From residential treatment to outpatient rehab, Infinite Recovery has you covered.

Individualized Care

At Infinite, clients have a personalized treatment plan and 1:1 sessions with a dedicated team that includes a recovery specialist, case specialist, and personal counselor.

Small Group Sizes

Being a family owned operation, we make a point to keep group sizes small, resulting in a better staff-to-patient ratio, and ultimately more attention and care for you or your loved one.

Insurance Accepted for All Programs

Each of our levels of care accepts health insurance, which makes our services more accessible and allows clients to progress through each stage of treatment with us.

Other Models

Corporate Management

Many rehab centers are owned and managed by corporate holding companies and conglomerates. This can result in care that feels like it’s being optimized for corporate profit, not for client success.

Limited Focus

Other facilities have singular specialties and service offerings. This results in clients transitioning between multiple programs and waiting for care, which can increase the risk of relapse.

Treating the Substance as the Problem

Treatment that approaches recovery as though the drug is the problem does not treat the underlying causes of addiction, and has a low probability of leading someone to long term recovery.

Less Individual Attention

Other facilities largely provide treatment in group settings, and might have one single 1:1 meeting per week. This leaves clients with less individualized care and attention.

Large Group Sizes

Corporate owned and operated facilities with large group sizes often have lower staff-to-client ratios, with a need for greater attention and care.

Financial Burden

Families often have to choose between paying a high out-of-pocket cost for treatment or receiving substandard care.

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