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We help you get and stay sober with Texas sober homes where you build a foundation of sobriety that lasts. We accomplish this through providing both men and women with structured days, on-site locations built for healing, and staffed support.  We offer eight different homes. 3 homes for women and 5 homes for men.  Each of our eight locations is supported by an on-site house manager, are all newly renovated, and ADA accessible. All of our locations are over 3,000 sq feet. We designed our housing to provide an open spacious living experience while creating smaller safe and cozy spaces to retire privately when needed. Our bedrooms feature 2-3 beds per room with an option to make your room private upon request and availability. We know that support is key to the process. That is why every resident is provided case management by one of our Recovery Support Specialists at no additional cost and is welcome to our 4D Community Center.

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Proactive Sober Living

Start your journey to sobriety alongside motivated residents and supportive staff.

Recovery Focused Design

Our homes are designed to help aid in recovery, be community driven, and gender specific.

Integrated Support For Clinical Services

We provide access to all the support you need to ensure your success.

We Keep Your Stay Private

We keep all medical and psychiatric help needed completely confidential.


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Discover Male Designed Sober Living Spaces in Austin.

We provide sober living options tailored to your needs.  That’s why we have gender specific options for you to choose from. You want to focus on getting the best start on your journey to sobriety. You know the less distractions you face at the start of your journey the better. That’s why we designed these men only sober living options in Austin to provide a strong, mens-specific community, to guide your growth.

By  providing gender-specific sober living options in Austin we provide a distraction free space for you to start your journey to sobriety with total focus.  The key to your holistic path to sobriety is being able to focus on being proactive with the introspection you achieve through sessions and therapy.

Discover Community-Driven Sober Living Spaces In Austin

Getting sober doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. That’s why we provide sober living spaces in Austin for men and women that are truly a home. Unlike traditional clinics we understand the need for relaxing, community-driven spaces to aid in recovery. We also understand the journey to recovery requires focus. At our sober living homes in Austin you can experience the comfort, focus, and support you need to get and stay sober. 

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Discover Women’s Proactive Sober Living In Austin

Being a woman burdened with addiction isn’t easy. It can feel like you are constantly being judged and measured from every direction. We understand that. We also understand that the key to your growth is having a distraction free space where you can focus on getting better instead of wasting energy worrying about what other people have to say.

That’s why we provide a distraction free environment in our ‘women’s only’ sober living homes in Austin. There you are free to start your journey to sobriety free of the anxiety and distractions.  We help you do this by providing a feminine specific, comfortable, and safe space for you to work with our team. Here you can build a foundation of strength to help you get and stay sober when faced with difficult situations and challenging social demands.

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