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Family Therapy
for Addiction

Are you or a loved one seeking Austin family counseling for addiction and substance abuse related issues? Infinite Recovery is a holistic addiction treatment provider. We have a heavy focus on helping family systems heal and move forward together.

We offer weekly online family therapy support groups for the loved ones of clients in our inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. We also provide monthly 2-day family workshops. We also partner with many family therapists in the Austin area and can provide a referral upon request.

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About Our Family Therapy Services

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Alcoholism is a family disease. This means it doesn’t just affect the addict, but their loved ones and family system as well. Anxiety, depression, grief, communication issues, and relationship challenges are common effects of addiction.

It also means that family history and dynamics can play a role in a person’s addictive behavior and mental health. It is difficult for a person to stay on the path to recovery if they leave rehab and walk right back into unhealthy relationship dynamics that are likely to trigger a relapse.

At Infinite Recovery, we prioritize connecting with the family members and loved ones of our clients and engaging them in the recovery process. We believe that strengthening families and relationships is a critical aspect of addiction recovery.

Our Austin family therapy services include:


Intervention is an important step for many people’s recovery journey. It typically involves the addict’s loved ones respectfully confronting them about their addiction, offering resources, and setting boundaries.

Many families want to stage an intervention for their loved one with a substance abuse disorder but may not know where to start. This process can sometimes be intimidating. That’s where Infinite Recovery can help. We support families in crisis by connecting them with experienced professional interventionists and facilitating the process of getting their loved one into treatment.

Weekly Check-Ins

During treatment, we provide weekly updates when appropriate to the loved ones of our clients. In fact, we have a staff member dedicated to providing information for families and supporting them through the journey.

With the client’s permission, we can share information on how they are responding to treatment, adapting to the program, and what goals they have set for themselves. These check-ins help provide peace of mind for family members and also involve them in the recovery process.

Online Support Groups

Our weekly online family support group is open to loved ones of our clients. It provides useful information and a supportive environment for those who have been affected by substance abuse. These groups can help families feel less alone as they navigate their own emotional and mental responses to a loved one’s addiction. During these meetings, we are also able to recommend resources and connect families with outside mental health services.

Monthly Family Workshops

We offer a 2-day workshop every month for family members and loved ones of clients in our outpatient program. These workshops take place in the Austin, TX area and include education about the disease of addiction and how it impacts the family unit, presentations from staff members, and interactive activities with the family members.

We also create the opportunity for clients to listen to impact letters and process emotions with their loved ones as a group. This makes it easier to connect and share.

Additional Family Resources

Addiction and substance abuse can affect the emotional health of a family. It can lead to anxiety, grief, depression, pain, and stress among the loved ones of the addict, including parents, children, and spouses. These reactions are common and natural, but should not go unaddressed. We connect families to additional resources in the Austin area. These include individual therapy, couples therapy, counseling, education, child care, mindfulness practices, mental health resources, and more.

If you have a loved one at Infinite Recovery and are want access to these resources, we can connect you to a trained and licensed professional counselor or other resources. We’re here to help you manage stress and start healing from the effects of addiction.

How Family Therapy Helps Addiction Recovery

Research shows that family involvement in substance use disorder treatment can not only increase the chances of a person seeking treatment, but can also have a positive impact on treatment completion and outcomes. [1]

In addition, family addiction counseling can help mitigate some of the issues caused by substance abuse and can create a healthier environment for a newly sober individual to progress in their recovery journey.

The family unit is usually the first and primary source of nurturing and socialization. As children develop, trauma or negative experiences within the family structure can become a risk factor for developing a substance use disorder. [2] At the same time, those struggling with addiction can create a negative impact on their loved ones, ranging from relationship issues and financial hardships to trauma and violence. [2]

This close-knit nature of the family makes it difficult to treat an individual without addressing their network and nuclear family as well. Certain relationships, histories, and patterns may be enabling the addict’s behavior, or stress triggers.

It’s important to remember that addiction is never the fault of the loved ones. But making changes within the family can help create an environment where everyone can thrive, including the person struggling with addiction.

Working with a family therapist or participating in support groups can help a family identify their own process for responding to negative behavior in a healthy way.

Other Therapies We Offer

In addition to the services we offer the families of our clients, we also provide a comprehensive range of therapies and addiction treatments for individuals in our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

These therapies are designed to provide a holistic, trauma-informed healing experience for clients so that they can address the root causes of their addictive behavior, instead of just treating symptoms.

Each of our therapies are led by a licensed professional counselor or addiction specialist who is highly trained and can offer valuable insight into the recovery process.

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Get Help For Yourself and Your Loved One

If someone you love is struggling with addiction or substance abuse, support is available. Many of the staff at Infinite Recovery have personal experience with addiction and are either in recovery themselves or have walked with a loved one through their journey.

Finding high-quality addiction treatment isn’t just about helping the addict. It is also about helping you. The more informed, supported, and stable you are, the better you will be able to support them, create healthy boundaries, and develop a new relationship with them that doesn’t revolve around their use of substances.

Hope starts here at Infinite Recovery. We offer inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery services designed to help families heal and rebuild together.

Worried about the financial burden? We accept most major insurance providers as an in-network provider, making help more accessible for those seeking family therapy in Austin, TX.

To learn more about our programs and learn how we can help you and your loved one get the support you need, contact us today.

We’re here to guide you on your journey to recovery and rediscover the joy of a stronger, healthier family.

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