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114 Reviews

Thank you!

Thanks to Infinite I am doing great and have a year and 4 months of sobriety and couldn’t be happier!

Britney M.

I will forever be in deep gratitude for the new path Infinite Recovery has set me on!

I had the opportunity to go to treatment at Infinite Recovery recently and it was a dramatic life changing experience for me. I was surrounded by a team of professionals who helped me to recover from the hopelessness of alcoholism.

From the counselors and recovery specialists, to the nutrition specialists, to the workout coaches, to the medical staff, to the overnight staff team, I was beyond impressed with not only with their knowledge but their compassion to truly help me be free of the alcoholic nightmare I was in once and for all!

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Landon M.

I am coming up on a year of sobriety in 2 weeks!

Thanks to EVERYONE at Infinite! The structure, the classes, the meetings, the counseling sessions, the community, the aftercare, the accountability, the brothers in recovery, the lifelong friendships, the support - are unmatched and invaluable. Infinite is the real deal and I’m forever grateful.

Julian M.

I am infinitely grateful for this second chance at life.

Infinite Recovery is an extremely thorough 12 step program with solid support, encouragement and accountability. I have learned how to be self reliant, reliable and how to hold myself accountable.

I was able to finally accept my alcoholism and strategically plan my recovery without victimization or defensiveness. I was able to face the problems I caused while drinking, take responsibility for them and make amends as necessary. My life is on a better path because if this program and I am infinitely grateful for this second chance at life.

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Emily J.

Outstanding Program

Infinite Recovery is an incredible treatment center. I did their full continuum of care - residential, PHP, and IOP / sober living - which was about 4 months. Through my time at Infinite, I not only got sober, but I regained a sense of purpose and joy in my life.

The staff is wholeheartedly invested in each person’s recovery and truly cares about every patient’s well-being. The 30 day residential portion was exactly what I needed when I first got sober. The daily schedule is pretty packed and there is no access to personal cell phones, but honestly I believe that made my experience all the more better. I was able to really focus on building a strong foundation of sobriety and make genuine connections with my peers. Kasey, my recovery specialist, did a fantastic job walking me through the 12 steps and my case manager also did a wonderful job helping me with my recovery and any outside issues I needed resolved. The next step down of care, PHP, was a bit more intense schedule wise, but you get a bit more freedom back - cell phones, going to the grocery store, more free time, etc. Although it was intense, I believe this level of care is what really pushed me to grow the most. All of the staff did a fantastic job teaching the 12 steps, meditation/ mindfulness practices, exploring life outside of treatment, processing our emotions / some trauma- although this is not a trauma-bases treatment center, and much more. You also have a therapist that you meet with weekly, and my therapist, Jenna, was 100% the best counselor I have ever come across ( and I’ve been to a lot of therapy lol), I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about anything and everything, and she helped me work through some things I had been pushing down for years.The IOP portion that followed was a lot more laid back. You stay in a sober living house, get a job, attend outside meetings, and have IOP class 3 times a week for 3 hours. It’s essentially a 3 hour long process group; I personally did not benefit as much from this part of the program, but I know many of my peers had great experiences with it. I found that what I needed at this stage was one-on-one counseling sessions with my therapist outside of Infinite. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed the sober living house and had a wonderful house manager. Overall, this is an outstanding program and I would recommend it to anyone I knew who wanted to get sober and get their life back. I am forever grateful to Infinite and all the staff that helped me along the way.

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Caroline L.

Infinite feels like a family.

They care about the client and really want them to get better. They are the best option in Texas!!

Ryan H.

This is by far the best recovery center I have referred to.

Ryan Holt is very easy to work with and does whatever it takes to help our patients transition into their facility. As a therapist it’s always good to hear success stories and I have definitely heard many successful patients who have completed their program and have been doing excellent!

Meera K.

Super caring staff

I’ve known several people who have gone through Infinite’s programs and they provide excellent care all around. They care about their clients, have a strong clinical aspect of treatment that works beautifully with the 12 steps.

Their clinical director, Robin, is amazing and their employees really care. Chrissy and Ryan go above and beyond to make sure each person gets exactly what they need. Highly recommend!

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Shelly J.

I’m so thankful for everyone at Infinite recovery.

I came in miserable and wanting to stop drinking. With their help I was able to gain my life back and more. I would trust them with any of my loved ones.

Kyle K.

Their staff has been like a second family for me.

I have nothing but gratitude for infinite recovery. All the way from detox, to residential, php, IOP, sober living, the whole continuum, they’ve been supportive and helpful through it all.

Clay W.

I Finally have Peace of Mind

Life Changing Experience Wonderful Caring Staff Safe Environment Very Supportive. I Finally have Peace of Mind and so Many tools to deal with Real life. Went through Complete Program sometimes reluctantly but I’m so Glad I did.

Dee C.

Infinite saved my life.

My Name Is Jeff P. I am an Alumni of Infinite Recovery. I have been sober for close to 6 months now.

"MY" original plan was to detox and complete a 30 day inpatient program and be done. As it turns out, I continued on to PHP, IOP, and aftercare. This turned out to be the most valuable part of my recovery. Of course, I studied the Big Book and completed the 12 steps while in treatment. As a result of my studies, I discovered many things about myself that were blocking me from being successful in leading a fulfilling and sober life. One of the greatest gifts I received is the gift of growing closer to God, my Higher Power. Now that I possess gifts of knowledge of myself, the 12 steps and the strength of God in my life, I have no doubt I will lead a free and happy life without the use of alcohol.

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Jeffery P.

I am immensely grateful for this program

I found Infinite in February of 2022. My alcoholism led me down a very lonely and dark path for many years. The wonderful staff took time and care to show me a better way. A path where there is light, love, and freedom.

I went through the whole curriculum; detox, residential, PHP and IOP. Through each phase of the program I learned about the tools I use daily to help me stay on this sober journey. I am still living in sober living today and now I have an opportunity to share this gift of sobriety. These first 7 months of recovery have been hard, but I’ve felt supported and accepted every step of the way. My life is infinitely better and I am immensely grateful for this program, the friends I’ve made and the life I am blessed to live today.

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JoAnna P.

Give this place a chance and give it your all!

If you or a loved one is tired or the life they are living and struggling with addiction/alcoholism I highly recommend you to come here. It is a highly structured place where the main focus is to figure out your problems and how to get past them while at the same time figuring out how to maintain a healthy, safe and drug/alcohol free lifestyle.

They will bend over backwards for you as long as you are truly trying to get sober and live better. You will make many friends / family while you are here, I recommend doing the full continuum and listening to these people who were once in your shoes. These people helped me change and save my life, so I hope you actually give this place a chance and give it your all!

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Ragan H.

This is the place to heal

Infinite Recovery is a judgment free, safe, effective 12-step immersion program that offers so much more than any other recovery center I know of. Their program not only teaches but allows me to bring in my own personality and find a community of people that support me day in and day out.

May 2022 was my third time through Infinite but the first time that I followed through with their full continuum of care. I can't recommend this approach enough as their step-down program allows for so much growth and really does decrease chances of relapse. As you exit their full-time care you are not left behind. They take their alumni program seriously and I continue to grow with their support and fellowship. Families looking for somewhere to send their loved ones should look no further, this is the place to heal.

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Kristen T.

I couldn’t have had a better experience.

I have been to 3 treatment centers and this one tops every one of them without a doubt. The staff is incredibly passionate with their program and it has rubbed off on me. I am doing the full program. The amount of resources that they provide is extremely helpful when you get out of treatment. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely come to this treatment center.

Max W.

I am so thankful for Infinite.

Infinite recovery has undoubtedly been the best life changing experience for me. The way the staff and clients care for each other is unlike anywhere I have ever been. Working these 12 steps has shown me how to live my life to its full potential, I am so thankful for Infinite.

Jake M.

Incredible team

I have attended a number of treatment centers and detox facilities over the course of my addiction and was never successful. 6 years into it, I had lost everything that ever meant anything to me and gained a whole lot of felony charges and trauma.

Needless to say, when I found Infinite Recovery, I was desperate for a solution but given my history, I was very skeptical that anyone would ever be able to help. Not long after I walked in to Infinite, I realized that it was very different from any treatment center I had ever been to. Everyone, from the Chef's who put so much thought and love into the meals, to the RCA's who encouraged, educated, and supported me any way they could, to the case management team who help with any and all things outside so I was able able to focus on my recovery, to the recovery specialists and program coordinators who took me through the steps and helped me look at things differently and more positively, to the clinicians who helped me work through my trauma and start to repair the wreckage of my past, to the wonderful alumni coordinators, making sure we understand that it is possible to have fun in sobriety and helping any way they can, the sober living managers, directors, outreach, the owners and any and everyone that works at Infinite Recovery really cares about the clients and it shows. I can honestly say that Infinite Recovery saved my life.

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Adrianna B.

Infinite has been a life changer for me.

I walked into detox completely broken and lost. I had no idea what recovery was when I started this journey, but after going through residential PHP and moving onto IOP I have built a strong relationship with my brothers and sisters in the community.

I have found my willingness to search for my spirituality and understand that there is love in fellowship and in service to others. I now have the tools to stay sober and live a life worth living. I’m forever grateful for this experience and what it has provided for my life.

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Jordan S.

I am forever grateful and highly recommend the programs offered by IR.

Infinite Recovery gave me the opportunity and the tools for a second chance at living a great life. I was met with caring, compassionate individuals with personal experience in recovery. They helped ease fears, confront challenges and guide me back to whole living.

Bobby R.

Infinite helped me transition back into the real world.

I'm coming up on a year of sobriety and I have much to be grateful for, and a large part of that gratitude goes to Infinite. At each stage of treatment, I always felt safe and in a positive environment. The staff were all incredible, most of which I still hold friendships with.

I learned many different coping skills as well as a deep understanding of the 12 program. Infinite helped me transition back into the real world. I now have a job, my family, friends, a house, and I couldn't have done it without help from Infinite Recovery.

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Caleb F.

Infinite recovery has been absolutely amazing.

I went in scared and confused to their detox, half drunk and had no clue what was going on in my life and with no experience with recovery. The staff quickly picked up on this and helped guide me through the steps I would be taking and made me feel like a belonged and was welcomed.

Gary from detox was awesome and helped me with my ideas of the program and helped me through my initial fears. In the next step with residential I met an amazing group of men with the rest of the clients there and formed a very tight knit group of supportive men that have been with me along every step of the way. Their support and love and kindness has kept me going in times where I’ve been scared, in the midst of panic attacks and depressive episodes. The process of getting sober has not been an easy one but it has been one of the best experiences of my life, I have never been so open, vulnerable or happy and have more authentic genuine friends then I ever have in my addiction. Php and sober living has also been a fantastic experience where I have moved through the 12 steps with all the help I could need from staff and clients alike. Jake and Matt are amazing and obviously care for each and every clients journey to sobriety.

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Mitchell P.

Help is here.

Brian D.

Austin sober living.

Noah B.

Life changing experience, wonderful staff

Brandon L.

Great Experience

This detox was great and the food was great

Melanie S.

Very professional team

Great Experience with Infinite recovery.

Hamza S.

This place is amazing!

They helped me change my life!

Ronnie K.

Recommended to anyone

Good place, went over and beyond with providing me amenities would recommend any day

Aiden G.

Thank you Infinite Recovery!

A fantastic facility that helps families and SAVES LIVES!

Charlotte G.

Great staff

Amazing counselors and management at all locations!!! Leadership does it right with compassion.

Pamela T.

Sobriety is awesome

Im 17 months sober God worked mightily thru infinite. It was everything, counselors, staff accommodations, all of it.

Steve C.

Thanks for saving my friends life

I sent a good friend and client and they provided the best treatment for heroin and opioid addiction in the United States.

Thomas E.

Excellent care

Learned a lot about myself and my condition. Was given excellent care, and guidance to make positive life changes

Ralph V.

Highly recommend to anyone struggling.

As the loved one of a person who's gone through their program, I can wholeheartedly say that I saw a vast difference in this person's state of mind after leaving.

Celeste A.

Best place possible to get sober!

I am blown away by how much everyone genuinely cares about the clients and the amount of support offered from day 1 of sobriety to years later.

Sam S.

Thanks Infinite!!

Infinite Recovery saved my life!! They are AWESOME!! Feels so good to be sober!

Angela J.

The food is amazing!

Oh wow! This detox detoxed me of all the drugs in my system. Was a great experience. Would recommend if looking to detox.

Nicholas H.

Quality care

This organization really cares about quality care and supporting your sobriety. I still talk to the people I met here, who have been so supportive and helpful in my recovery journey

Meredith B.

Infinite recovery is amazing!

Ready, willing, and able to help you move from the darkest days of your life, to the brightest future you could ever imagine.

Jeremy M.

Great food and staff

Detox was amazing, the food was great and the staff were incredibly helpful. If you go in with an open mind and willingness you'll do awesome and meet your needs.

Leah G.

God's Hand is surely upon this place.

The experience I had was life changing and I was inspired by the camaraderie I felt by staff and peers and the acceptance I received when in a dark place in my Life.

Larry T.

I highly recommend them!

Truly care and do what’s in the best interest of the participants in the program. The staff is hardworking, dedicated and go above and beyond to help and to communicate with the families involved.

Paula G.

Infinite detox was great.

Coming in feeling terrible and leaving replenished! Great staff that are there for you all hours of the day and night.

Timber P.

Great staff

Amazing chef and pleasant staff and who are always willing to sit and talk. Their care professionals are some of the best I’ve ever interacted with as well.


The staff is very friendly and professional.

This is my first time in recovery and I was treated very well. The staff is very friendly and professional. I've learned the 12 steps and will apply it in my new life. Thanks for your help I will highly recommend you to someone in need.

Douglas M.

Best rehab place I have ever been too.

Awesome employees and awesome leadership. They show you the tools you need to recover. I totally recommend this place.

John C.

Great place to begin a new life.

Everyone was very supportive and willing to help out whenever needed. Mike D is a great person, looking to help out, no matter what the situation is. Thanks again.

Daniel V.

I highly recommend infinite.

Saved my life and many others. They have many sober living homes in Austin with high accountability and are high quality/well maintained.

Cameron V.

Infinite was always there to help me

The support was very good for my recovery. I had ups and downs but infinite was always there to help me when i was down and i have learned to be more independent with them as well as getting a job and balancing work with recovery


Total Life Transformation

As a close friend of many of the direct care staff team members, I've witnessed multiple people go through their program and seen profound changes. They're not exaggerating when they say, "Total Life Transformation." Highly recommend to anyone struggling with addiction and alcoholism.

Richard K.

Supportive and encouraging team

Infinite Recovery was a blessing for our family. We are very grateful for the great staff and their care. They were supportive and encouraging through the entire process.

Richard P.

I love this place!

I am part of their IOP program, and I would be hard-pressed to find a more empowering and supportive environment for an addict like myself. Infinite Recovery provides incredible resources and the staff will (sometimes literally) bend over backwards to do something as simple as try to make your day better.

C. L.

Live a recovered life

Finally a drug rehab in Austin, Texas that displays and offers an adequate presentation of the program of recovery to get sober and live a recovered life. Highly recommend for anyone looking for detox in Austin, or sober living to check out Infinite.

Darryl S.

Highly Recommended

Infinite Recovery is an incredible program that helps men and women change their lives. I've watched the progress of several of my friends that have checked in and been discharged from the program. I highly recommend it to any person looking to recover from alcoholism or addiction.

Cesar G.

Infinite as given me a new chance at a life

Through introducing me to the 12 steps in a relatable manner I have gained a tool set to tackle life on life's terms, without the need for drugs or alcohol. They also have an amazing boxing/fitness program run by Jeffery meadows.

I was introduced to boxing for the first time and fell in love with it. More importantly i didn't feel looked down upon, rather I felt accepted and encouraged to try harder. He has a great way of relating exercise and boxing to recovery that made it click for me. I have now taken boxing into my everyday life and use it as my main form of exercise/ stress relief. It's just another tool infinite has given me to show up better in life. Which in addiction I never thought was possible. Also the food from mrs. T was absolutely amazing, and her welcoming attitude always made meals enjoyable. Thank you so much, Infinite, for introducing me to life with friends, family, and my higher power. 100 percent a life changing experience.

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Eddie Shackelford

I would highly recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction.

The staff here is amazing, they have a non shame based way of programming the 12 steps. The staff genuinely cares and wants to see everyone do good. The Trauma group is amazing! Everyone here knows what they're talking about and this has definitely been a game changer in my life compared to other treatment centers.

Emori H.

Treatment and services are top-notch

Infinite Recovery is a wonderful program that I've seen many people successfully complete and watched their lives transform. As a close friend of many who have gone through the program as well as the staff, I can say with all honesty that their treatment is top-notch and the services they provide are excellent.

Brittany B.

Great Experience

This has been a very good experience. You can really tell the staff cares about your recovery. They’ve made me feel so comfortable and motivated for my recovery that I’ve decided to complete the entire continuum through infinite.

Jonah M.

Beyond amazing staff

Infinite recovery has been amazing that gave me a solution to my addiction and opportunity to change the way I was living into something positive. Robert Alicia and hailey and mark and Travis and Steven and Jeff and dan and all the counselors are beyond amazing

Torbjorn W.

Now living a free life

Infinite Recovery and it’s structure has been an integral pillar in my sobriety. From inpatient facility to sober living and every stepping stone along the way, this truly is a special place that cultivated an environment for me to grow and develop the beautiful and free life I live today.

Justin R.

I have made many lifelong brothers and sisters through my journey here

Infinite Recovery has set themselves apart from other treatment centers and Austin sober living environments by creating a foundation of success with caring and dedicated staff. The staff make it known that we are all just the same in this struggle and lead by example and not fire and brimstone.

Daniel T.

Infinite is a positive life change for me!

Staff is caring, loving, compassionate and well-versed. In all areas of my recovery. The community and accountability continues to be here at all times. Infinite continues to be a blessing and I am grateful to have landed here.

Catherine S.

I feel like I can finally breathe.

My whole life has always been about more of everything. More friends, more validation, more sex, more drugs, just more. I started using when I was 13 and my sex addiction took off when I was 12. The past 6 years I have blamed externals and my ‘upbringing’, or lack thereof for every decision I have made.

So much time spent molding myself into the person I thought you wanted me to be because of the inner turmoil I felt inside led me to become a person that was physically here but emotionally and spiritually dead. The life and freedom I have found through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is the feeling I was always chasing on drugs. I feel like I can finally breathe. No longer is my life dependent upon externals and the constant need to crawl out of my skin. Infinite Recovery has taught me what it means to give of yourself without expecting anything in return, and has presented me with a solution and a gift that I want so badly to give away the way it was given to me. Life is the same but not at all. Every experience I have ever had has led me to this moment and today I am awake to see the synchronicity and the beauty of the world unfolding before me. It has always been here, I just had to be sober to see it.

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Caden R.

Can't thank you guys enough

Team members care and really motivate you to do your best. Thanks to Infinite I have 4 months of sobriety today. I am a chronic relapser and this is the longest time I have ever had after many years of attempting to stay off drugs. I can't thank this place enough for saving my life.

Devon J.

They genuinely care for and have your best interest at heart.

I have been to multiple treatment centers and this one has surpassed my expectations by miles. Each of the staff members here has helped me in some shape or form. They genuinely care for and have your best interest at heart.

The food in residential is bomb diggity. The in-depth explanation of the 12 steps and the big book is amazing. I'm so grateful my parents dropped me off here. This place saved my lil life :)

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Arianna B.

Special place that I'll never forget

I've never had an experience like the one I've had at Infinite Recovery. I have been to 12 impatient treatments and countless IOPs and the treatment I received their is God given. I am a veteran with PTSD and I've struggled with trying to find help. The therapists they have there are amazing they do 1 on 1 with you specially talking about what you struggle with.

They have a remarkable trauma group which helps you learn how to cope with life. I honestly don't know where this southern Louisiana boy would be right now if it wasn't for Infinite. I really honestly want to thank everyone there. It is one special place I'll never forget the people there or the client's I've had a blast.

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Jeff D.

They will work with your insurance

Passion! That's what Infinite Recovery has! This organization has the ability to help people who are struggling with addiction in SO many ways!

They offer many levels of care depending on the need of their clients, such as Detox/Residential/Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient/Aftercare/Sober Living and they have Alumni fellowships! The owners personally reach out and make connections with families. The staff all personally care and invest in the recovery process of their clients!! You can't fake passion and Infinite Recovery has it. Here's the icing on the cake, they ARE IN NETWORK with so many insurance companies! I believe in Infinite and if you or your loved one are struggling call Infinite!!!!

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Travis P.

Reclaim your life

Infinite Recovery is the best treatment center I’ve seen. As the brother of an addict, I’ve had experience with multiple facilities but none compare to Infinite’s holistic approach to heroin and opioid treatment. Highly recommend to those interested in reclaiming their life.

John I.

Get sober and stay sober!

Infinite is a place to go if you want to find a solution to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. They have a VERY solid team who not only guides the clients step by step, but who also demonstrates the necessary principles it takes to live a sober life. I would highly recommend Infinite Recovery to anyone who is serious about getting sober and staying sober.

Danny W.

I’m happy and free thanks to God and Infinite Recovery.

Infinite saved my life. As a recovering 11 year heroin, crack, and meth addict who never ever tried or cared to get sober who’s life and emotions were out of my own control...this is the only continuum of care I had or ever needed!!!

These people push you to see another way and let you experience the road to recovery as your own. I never EVER thought I would say this....but I’m happy and free thanks to God and Infinite Recovery. 🧡☀️💞✝️

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Jessica M.

Life savers

Infinite Recovery and their staff ABSOLUTELY saved my life as well. I entered their partial hospitalization program and found the environment at the house fantastic and the programming at the center to amazing. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone who is struggling to try them out.

James S.

I highly recommend Infinite Recovery

First of all I highly recommend Infinite ♾ Recovery as they have forever changed my life! However I did the work however they provided me a great setting and support for me to refine my tools for long term sobriety! I will forever be grateful for Mark E. For challenging me and saving my life!

Burke L.

Everyone is supportive

This place provides the help that alcoholics/addicts need. It’s impossible to fall through the cracks here; everyone is so supportive. The discipline and structure here is what really helped me get my life back together.

All clients are supported by both staff and other clients and the groups of people here create are very cohesive environment. IR has also educated me so much about this disease and how it works and they’re very solution based. Couldn’t think of a better place for me.

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Very clean and great environment

I came to infinite recovery about 8 months ago I still live in their sober living to this day. I’ve been through the whole process that they offer here and I’ve never seen any like it. The facility is great and the counselors really care about your well being and make it their job.

The sober living that they offer is top notch. The houses are all very nice, clean and remodeled and have a great environment. I would recommend this facility to anyone that is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

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Brad B.

Amazing experience

When I was investigating options for Austin sober living, the homes operated by Infinite Recovery were top notch. They provide a safe, clean and supportive environment that enhances my recovery on a daily basis. The amenities provide and the opportunity to make new long-lasting friendships has been invaluable. They also do a great job organizing fun activities!

Ryan H.

Genuine and different

I have been to many treatment centers, but the care I received at Infinite Recovery is genuine and different from any other place I've been. I felt like I could be myself and talk to the staff about anything, from the nurses, to counselors to the recovery advocates. They taught me how to get connected to a power greater than myself, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Bob A.

Grateful to be treated like family

A year ago I was in a place where I didn’t think there was much left for me, and I felt I didn’t have anyone or anywhere to turn to help me. When I stumbled into Infinite Recovery I was gifted an experience greater than anything I expected. It was the staff that helped me gain faith that I could build a sober, content life like they had.

I was able to go through the full continuum of residential, PHP, IOP, aftercare while living in one of their sober living houses. It was here I learned to apply the things they told me to do to my life and learn to build lasting relationships with the people around me. Even after being finished with programming and moved out of sober living, Infinite Recovery is still very much involved in my life. When tough times arise I trust Infinite Recovery’s support. All I have to do is something that they taught me, and it’s to reach my hand out for help. It’s there I can honestly say I’m a part of a family, a part of something much bigger than myself and for that I am so grateful.

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Matthew B.

New found freedom

I went to Infinite Recovery, in November of 2017, a broken and hopeless woman. I had let everyone in my life down and honestly didn’t have a will to live because I didn’t think that I could stay sober.

After my detox I felt a desperation that was met by so much love and encouragement from the Infinite staff and that helped me to keep moving forward. They put me right into some work that gave me some relief and motivation to keep going. Today I have a full life and a freedom that I’ve never experienced before. I’m so thankful for the Infinite staff and for the Infinite community.

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Rebekah R.

Grateful for their staff

Infinite Recovery is a place where addicts and alcoholics can begin the process of long term sobriety. I have personally known and walked through recovery with KC Davis for over 10 years. I am very grateful for a place like Infinite Recovery, and especially grateful for the compassionate staff who love their clients enough to lead them in the right direction.

Infinite Recovery will not just teach addicts about 12 step recovery, but will also help these men and women become a proud and successful member of society. These men and women will learn how to take responsibility of themselves and for their actions and will be held accountable in every aspect of their lives. If someone is searching for true recovery, this is vital.

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Francesca F.

They genuinely care about you

Infinite recovery embraces the love and care that recovery is all about. Infinite has given me through my own willingness a second chance at life. I’m grateful for the loving and caring staff that inhabits these walls of both the residential and outpatient buildings. They make early recovery feel like a blessing and worth wild. Due to their continue support my life looks bright for the first time in a long time and I am for ever grateful for that.

I had been through infinite in the past and watching this place grow and flower into the beautiful rose it has become is something I myself am grateful for. I would recommend infinite to anyone who wants an overall better way of life, and is willing to accept that beautiful life infinite can help guide you to and teach you about. What is different than any other treatment center is I feel like I have a personal relationship with every staff member here including the owner and they genuinely care. Love y’all ❤️

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Andrew S.

Please do yourself a favor and get help through them, it will save your life.

Highly recommended, Infinite Recovery genuinely cares for their clients and there recovery. I went through their detox and residential treatment (the ranch) and then through their IOP program.

I have nothing but great things to say about them. I also want to mention Lynn Anderson my IOP councilor, she was absolutely amazing.

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Chris M.

Infinite recovery truly saved my life!

I had no idea it was a 12 step program when finding this place. Dylan , Alexia, Jon , Ryan, Racheal ,Devon and Aaron. That’s just a few of the staff members that impacted my life forever. I will be forever grateful for this place. I live in Plano and if you want a solid 12 step program infinite recovery is the place. The drive is worth it. Thank you infinite recovery 🙏🏻

Deborah R.

My family and I can not express how grateful we are for Infinite Recovery.

Our son has been through their program and is currently residing in one of the sober living homes. The houses are very clean and organized. He is currently thriving again with the help of the wonderful staff and counselors.

We can't thank Blake enough for sticking with our son and our family through some very difficult times and Amanda who is an awesome counselor. We attended the family program which educated us about the disease of addiction and how it effects the entire family. We cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have found Infinite Recovery and look forward to seeing our son continue on his journey.

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Anthony A.

Thank you so much

I wanted to thank the staff at the "Detox" center of Infinite. Specifically I want to thank Brian for really helping me and recognizing what I needed to get "on the right track". I

also want to recognize April for her caring and professional discussions with my family. Last but not least, I want to thank Madyson in administration, for really understanding and hearing me. Thank you soo much.......

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Jason D.

I had such an amazing experience at Infinite Recovery.

I came in broken, feeling very down on myself and was welcomed by loving arms. The staff embraced me and went above and beyond to help me and meet my needs. With their family- inspired living quarters, I felt comforted and right at home.

I've been to 10 different treatment centers and this one, by far, was one of the most supportive and inspirational programs I have yet to encounter. It is uniquely designed to personally fit the needs of each individual and supports long term sobriety. I would highly recommend this program to anyone struggling with any type of addiction problem. Thank you Infinite for helping save my life.❤

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Mariam T.

Thank you to all the staff at Infinite.

It was a hard detox and rehab for me but it was the one that made me open my eyes and work a program to be sober. The employees that work at Infinite are amazing, Madison, Rachel, and Dan in detox. I miss Infinite every single day and if you are seeking treatment or even are considering it, GO! Learn what it’s like to be free. I promise that the promises do come true.

Thank you to all the staff at Infinite. I love you all!!!!! Biggest blessing of my life. Infinite Recovery was my 10th treatment center. I went in there to get off methadone and Xanax. They got me through the hardest part of the rehab experience. This is the one place and people that I can truly say will love and believe in you until you feel that about yourself! Getting to residential was tough, leaving the support I had at detox, but Devan, Emily, Emily (counselor), Taylor, and of course Steven Long, showed me that no matter where I was, I still had fight. Now I’m 106 days sober, and I never thought I would be saying that.

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Mariella G.

Top notch facility

One of my best experiences with Infinite was through their sober living community, where I was both a client as well as a house manager.

I went through Infinite Recovery in 2018 and it absolutely changed my life. From the staff, to the facilities, the other clients and the program itself, Infinite provided me with a much needed 12 step solution to my many years of struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Infinite's PHP, IOP and Aftercare programs are top notch, and provide quality education, accountability, support and community. Infinite's sober living houses provide struggling addicts with a safe, clean environment to transition into at any level of treatment, and are especially great for those fresh out of a traditional inpatient facility. While there are many paths to recovery and other solid programs out there, I'm confident that Infinite Recovery was what I needed and am so thankful to everything they've done for me. I highly recommend Infinite to anyone looking for the same kind of assistance and experience that was ultimately vital in my own recovery.

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Hayden P.

Guided by a higher power

I went into infinite miserable and godless… I came out of there a different person guided by a higher power with a group of friends that will last a lifetime. I would recommend this place to all of my loved ones and more.

Lach L.

Best Treatment Program in Austin

Since the day I walked in I think it's treated me nothing but respect they've always been there for me infinite recovery will help anyone out with financials needs Court they will always make sure that you were there it's probably the best treatment program in Austin they will teach you the big book and everything else that you need to help with your recovery I highly recommend it to everybody


Rewarding Experience

My experience with Infinite Recovery has been very rewarding. This is the first treatment I’ve been to that deals with dual-diagnosis to get to the root of addiction before self medicating with alcohol or drugs. I’m attending the “family program” event this weekend which will enrich my life and help my daughter, Katie, to learn more about the illness of alcoholism and addiction. I am hopeful it will be healing and the practice of forgiveness can be forthcoming.

I am pleased to say I’ve completed the full continuum of residential, PHP (partial hospitalization program), IOP (intensive outpatient) and am now in OP (outpatient) called Aftercare. I live in Sober living and work. This allows me continued structure and accountability. We are required to submit two UAs a week and follow all rules of the sober living environment. I have made genuine friends and have integrity in my life once again. I have a sponsor and I also help others who are struggling. I have a sponsee. It is the key to this program. Helping others, helps me in return. With God in my life and Infinite Recovery, the staff, and the fellowship, I have a new lease on life…….a new way to live my life free of alcohol one day at a time. I am very grateful.

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Anne P.

Great Experience

Infinite recovery has been a great experience. Everyone here truly cares about helping people get on the right track to sobriety. This program and the people who work here have saved my life!

Brian D.

Life Saving Decision

Not only was going to Infinite Recovery the best decision I’ve made in my life, it was the decision that saved my life. The 12 step based curriculum is amazing and the staff are awesome! They do a fantastic job of addressing the disease of addiction in a way that is understandable, personal, and in depth. If you or someone you know suffers from substance abuse I highly recommend this treatment facility.

Quentin W.

If you want to change your life, choose infinite!

My experience at Infinite Recover was absolutely life changing. The highest quality of staff, friendly, loving, and very invested in the clients. Words cannot express the gratitude i have for this treatment center, the amazing fellowship of men and women that are there for you, and understand exactly what you’re going through.

Dalton T.

Infinite Recovery is an amazing treatment facility.

I have been struggling for many years with addiction and they have given me the tools to cope with my past so that I can be the best version of myself! The staff are absolutely amazing and completely non-judgmental! I would 100% recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with addiction! Thank you Infinite Recovery for changing my life!

Samantha S.

Attentive Staff

Detox at infinite recovery was a very non stressful environment. It is a smaller unit so it was a very close group of people. There was Netflix in every bedroom, a wonderful chef and attentive medical staff. Over all the staff was very polite and respectful and there for me no matter what I needed I recommend the relaxing atmosphere to anyone needing detox.

Clay R.

Highly Recommended

Infinite Recovery has literally given me another chance at life! All of the support given from every single staff member really goes to show that they truly care about the clients well being and their sobriety.

I went into treatment opposed to the whole idea of recovery, but knew deep down that I needed help of some sort. My recovery specialist was extremely understanding and had her own background in addiction and recovery which made it easier to talk through my own experience. I eventually came to enjoy my time in recovery and I enjoy my life so much more now that I'm sober! I'm so grateful for everyone I've crossed paths with in Infinite Recovery. I would HIGHLY recommend this place for anyone struggling with addiction and alcoholism!!

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Jessica K.

I am so grateful that a place like Infinite Recovery exists!!

I have struggled with drug addiction for 20+ years, have attended countless treatment centers and have had various stints of sobriety. Infinite showed me what my previous recovery was lacking and then worked with me to build a solid foundation for my new life.

The classes are phenomenal and the staff has such a genuine care and love for each and every client that walks through the door. If you are struggling with addiction/ alcoholism and /or can’t seem to get or stay sober, I would highly recommend giving Infinite a call. Don’t ever give up on yourself and know that it is possible for you to have the lasting sobriety and beautiful life that you have always wanted.

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Sierra B.

Infinite is a place that can really help you.

Here in Austin, Infinite Recovery has become my home away from home. The staff here and the sense of community is something that has been monumental for me in my recovery.

They take clients step by step and also teach the tools it takes to live a sober and healthy lifestyle. All of the staff here are so dedicated to the clients. Infinite really is like a home to me and has given me a life I didn’t think I was capable of having. They take clients step by step and also teach the tools it takes to live a sober and healthy lifestyle. All of the staff here are so dedicated to the clients. Infinite really is like a home to me and has given me a life I didn’t think I was capable of having. The fellowship in the sober living is like no other. If you are looking for help, Infinite is a place that can really help you.

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Jeffrey P.

I highly recommend Infinite Recovery.

My son admitted to Infinite Recovery today and the admissions process was very reassuring. Dylan greeted us and made us feel comfortable and safe- the guys have a great sense of humor too! All the staff treated my son with compassion and respect.

I have known several people that have gone through Infinite and I have only heard amazing things. You can feel the positive energy when you enter the property. The staff there are in it to help people and they all seem genuinely happy to do so. His counselor and recovery specialist made a point to come meet me and share their contact information. I am grateful my son has this blessing and opportunity to receive all the wonderful things a life in recovery as to offer. As a mom and a person in long-term recovery, I highly recommend Infinite Recovery.

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Rachel T.

An incredible detox location.

The nursing staff helped me feel alright and the staff was very upbeat and were there to really help people. One of the reasons I love Infinite is most of the staff has been in your shoes and can empathize and be an example of an incredible man/woman in recovery Not at the time but, I love this place

Aaron J.

They will do whatever it takes to make sure you learn the tools for long term sobriety

I could never seem to grasp what it took to get sober and stay in recovery. I’ve tried everything and nothing had worked. Coming to Infinite was the experience I was waiting for. The staff is incredible. … They all have great programs and live in recovery. They will do whatever it takes to make sure you learn the tools for long term sobriety.

There was no staff member from top to bottom who wouldn’t make time to talk. I have been in and out of recovery for the last 15 years. I’ve tried therapy, inpatient and IOPs. I could never seem to grasp what it took to get sober and stay in recovery. I’ve tried everything and nothing had worked. Coming to Infinite was the experience I was waiting for. This program is serious and is dedicated to 12 step and therapy. For me, I was sick of being miserable in my addiction and was willing to do whatever they told me. It was intense and exactly what I needed. In the PHP program, the housing is terrific, the managers are great and food is included. They went above and beyond to make sure I had all the things I needed to have a successful experience. The staff is incredible. … They all have great programs and live in recovery. They will do whatever it takes to make sure you learn the tools for long term sobriety. There was no staff member from top to bottom who wouldn’t make time to talk. Besides the staff, I made amazing friends who I will be bonded with for life. People who understand the struggle because they are going through it to. That’s the best don’t have to do this alone! We had a ton of fun as well because it’s so important in early sobriety. With hard work and support, I was able to get through all 12 steps in 30 days. I also had counseling sessions by myself and with my wife. This program is all inclusive and will hold you accountable. If you are serious about getting sober and have tried other ways, this is the place for you! I would recommend to all my friends and family. I now live in one of their sober livings and am doing IOP. This is the only place that has every level of care to insure your success. I will forever be in gratitude to Infinite for helping me rebuild my life.

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Aj G.

Forever grateful

I truly feel like I hit the jackpot by ending up at Infinite. I never thought it was possible for me to have a new experience but low and behold I did. There is not one employee under the Infinite Umbrella that I could even tell you something negative about

I have been battling addiction over the past decade. I have attended multiple treatment centers that range from Caron in Pennsylvania, to several in South Florida, as well as BRC and Brazos here in Texas. I always have said you are playing Russian Roulette when it comes to going to treatment and as time has passed, my trust and faith in any rehab facility has diminished. However, I truly feel like I hit the jackpot by ending up at Infinite. I never thought it was possible for me to have a new experience but low and behold I did. There is not one employee under the Infinite Umbrella that I could even tell you something negative about. From the everyday staff, to the therapists, to the Administrative Hierarchy, this place is top notch and has truly changed my life. I have never believed that I was capable of achieving long term sobriety, I have lost everything to this disease and never thought I would have my self worth back. With a little bit of desperation mixed with willingness, I believe anything is possible. Infinite Recovery truly cares about its clients and has their best interest at heart. Thank you so much for everything you continue to do in my life. I will be forever grateful.

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Harrison P.

Can’t say enough great things about staff and facility.

Ryan Holt and Brittany Germany are two amazing people ready to help that work at Infinite Recovery. They stop at nothing to make sure a family in crisis is helped where they need them to go!

Karin S.

Highly Recommended

Infinite has an amazing detox, inpatient & PHP program. The staff is caring, compassionate & well versed in addiction. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs substance abuse treatment.

Kelley M.

Best Treatment Center

From being homeless, loss of family friends and in and out of treatment and jails infinite established a well foundation for me and my recovery the whole continuum of care really put me on my feet.

Went from talking to shrubs on the side of the road to 5 months sober a job and a connection with family that I never could imagine. The fellowship is truly amazing. Out of any treatment center I've never seen so many successful stories!

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Gavin G.

Beyond Grateful

The people on the staff at Infinite invested in me and my recovery on such a personal level, and presented me with a solution to my addiction that I could take with me into the real world. Today, I have a completely different life and I owe a large part of that to the team at Infinite. They cared about me & showed up for me until I could learn to care about myself- and they continue to do so, through each step of my journey in recovery. I'm beyond grateful to have ended up here.

Karlee S.

Fantastic staff

Fantastic staff of very very helpful people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. The people who work here changed the course of my life and gave me hope. They made me feel accepted and they made me feel that life is possible.

In the beginning, I planned on only staying for the course of detox treatment, but within a couple days of my detox, the staff had me on board for a true experience of full recovery. Here I was encouraged to go into residential treatment with infinite and I am now 100 days clean and sober, staying in sober living with infinite.

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Mallory S.

My Whole Life Changed

Infinite recovery is pretty lit. I went from being bottom of the barrel mentally and physically to kind of like the modern day Buddha without the belly. Using the 12 steps, I learned how to be ok with my external circumstances.

My life circumstances no longer dictate my internal emotions. Doing a few actions and being willing and diligent with my perception, my whole life has changed. I have infinite recovery to thank for this. They gave me the environment and knowledge I needed to become motivated to change the way I was living life.

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Mikael C.

Infinite recovery is amazing.

They changed my life and gave me a place where I could grow. The staff here is wonderful and they truly care about the clients. I am so grateful to have come here and now I am able to help others recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

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Kevin D.

Thanks to Infinite

My addiction was the source of my purpose and identity before I came to treatment with infinite. I could not keep a job. I could not socialize on my own. I was too sick to even get out of bed half the time. Now, I feel great, have a higher self-esteem, sense of purpose and identity.

Plus, I can make funny jokes without being on a substance. These are all things I had forgotten, that infinite reminded me of. Thanks to infinite, I now have infinitely better, wholesome, fellowship family fun.

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Ali S.

Grateful recovered alcoholic

I’m Dustin Bryant and I have been with Infinite for 3 months now and can say with 100% assurance that this is an unbelievably amazing center. The amount of care and compassion from staff is unprecedented.

I’ve been to a treatment center before, but it pales in comparison. From the first day I arrived in detox, I knew I was in the right place. I was welcomed with compassion and open arms. Not once during the beginning of my journey with them did I feel uncomfortable or judged. Which has been a big issue in my life so having that meant the world to me. Continuing the program at the ranch was an amazing experience. The facility out in liberty hill is the perfect place to get away from your past, the things and people in your life that have either seen or been with you during your addiction. … It gave me plenty of time to find myself, learn to understand addiction and find the peace of mind I’ve yearned for my whole life. The staff at the ranch is understanding, compassionate and have great knowledge in the recovery process. I never once had a question they couldn’t answer or a suggestion that was exactly what I needed even if I didn’t know that I did. In summary the ranch was a beautiful way to start my journey. The structure is exactly what I needed and I would say it’s the best way to understand why your there. During PHP, the second part of the continuum was an continuation of the ranch but with a bit more freedom. Some would say it’s not enough, but I’ll say it’s the perfect amount because I didn’t understand how to live my life yet. The classes are so informative and helpful that coming out of it I had a greater understanding of what life can offer me and how to take advantage of the tools and help they gave me. Now being in the third part of the continuum, IOP, having more freedoms to work, go to meetings and find fellowship and community on my own is amazing. I couldn’t of had this courage without going through the previous parts of this program. To know that I have the skills and tools to stay and remain sober is a gift I will never take for granted. Infinite Recovery has given me my life back, given me hope and a new outlook on life. I owe everything to

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Dustin B.

Life changing experience

My husband started at Infinite in late January. Since then, I've called into almost all of the family meetings on Monday's and Thursday's and I just wanted to say that the info and the discussion on those calls has been life changing.

Starting to think about/treating my husband's addiction as a disease has helped me start to wrap my mind around what all he's been dealing with internally and the struggle he must face every day. It's also helped me realize that nothing he was doing while using was my fault and also how much I fit into the co-dependency category….. I've learned a LOT about setting healthy boundaries and how to approach him in general. I'm lucky because he seems to be 100% invested in the program and is wanting more than anything to live a sober my part in that is to be supportive and to be sure to take good care of my self and my children. We have a long road ahead, but I'm learning to take it one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time and to sit in gratitude when I start to feel impatient or overwhelmed. I'm so grateful we found Infinite and am excited to see what the future holds for my husband, our friendship, our marriage and our family. We have two small boys (ages 1 and 3) and I'm so glad my husband has taken this first step to get sober at this point in their lives. It's difficult to manage everything with him gone, but it would be a lot more difficult if he were in jail or dead...which is where I believe his addiction would have landed him eventually. For the first time in forever, I feel real hope and I think he does too. Thank you! Being a part of the Infinite family is helping me feel not so alone in all of this.

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Angela T.

Infinite Recovery has been life changing!

There’s no greater gift than sobriety, Infinite Recovery has given me that, and the skills to maintain it. The staff is unmatched, they have a passion for what they do and care for your well being.

The program is designed and paced so that it soaks in. They also give you the gift of community!

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Jeffrey M.

Can’t say enough great things about this place.

In my own experience, going through the complete continuum care from residential to sober living. I have to say infinite is the most genuine , authentic, and caring people I have ever encountered in my life. The food was 5 star while staying at residential. The houses are top notch and cleaner than clean.

They make you feel very welcome and a part of. The fellowship and energy at the houses is beyond words. Coming here and staying invested has absolutely got me to finally find value and a true purpose in life. For that alone I am sincerely grateful. Love these guys!

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Justin C.

Thank for for all you have done for us!

I have been to several treatment centers and none of them compare in knowledge, balance of program (clinical and 12 step), and the care or staff as much as Infinite Recovery. They have undoubtedly helped save my life and shown me how to live life happy, successfully, and sober.

One of the best things about Infinite is definitely the staff. They genuinely care about every client and are able to help each one individually in different ways to be able to maximize their usefulness. They know when to challenge your beliefs as well as comfort you regarding sensitive subjects. … I love the accountability, that was and continues to be brought to me, from a place of care and love rather than judgement and resentment. All staff is also very knowledgeable regarding the Big Book and present it in various ways to help everyone understand the message being portrayed. They also offer an amazing family program that any alumni can attend even after finishing programming, in order to better family relationships/dynamics. I am especially thankful to Alicia who has pushed me from day 1 and pushed and challenged my beliefs. My family and I thank you Infinite for all you have done for us!

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Jared P.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Infinite Recovery saved my life! I don't have words to describe how grateful I am for the programming, the staff, and the continuum of care they offer. They truly care about helping individuals overcome their battles with addiction.

I could not have stumbled across a better family to support me in my recovery. My family members (half-way across the country) are finally able to find peace knowing that I am safe, sober, stable, and surrounded by people to help at any hour of the day or night if needed in my Austin sober living home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Brianna C.

Amazing and Dedicated Staff

I would highly recommend Infinite Recovery to anyone serious about finding a solution to their alcoholism or drug addiction.

Infinite has amazing staff and they are all dedicated to helping clients to the best of their ability. Infinite‘s program offers a great continuum of care after treatment that includes partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and aftercare so clients can integrate back into life and make that transition smoothly. The Austin sober living infinite recovery has is the best in the area. Infinite recovery has saved my life, and I would highly suggest this place to anyone who might be struggling! These are people that really care about making a difference!

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August W.

Infinite Recovery saved my life!!

The staff are amazing individuals!! They truly care about each client!!

My experience from detox to after care was a hard journey, but with the patience and understanding of the staff, I am on my way to a new wonderful life!!

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Stacy B.

Grateful to have picked the wining team

Infinite brought me back to the land of the living. I went into detox thinking I would do 30 days, but the more I woke up to the power and profundity of recovery, the more I wanted to indefinitely dedicate my time to this program.

This would not have been possible without the Infinite team, who lead by example and render a well-designed balance of compassion and accountability. I owe the beautiful life I live today to the continuum of care, sober living, structure, alumni program, and most of all, the fellowship. Recovery is a team effort, and I'm forever grateful that I picked the winning team.

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Anna D.


Infinite recovery saved my life. The staff are amazing and I have lots of gratitude for them. They helped me change the way I live every aspect of my life. I continue to use the tools and practice the principles they taught me every day, and my life is great because of it. Most importantly, they helped me get connected to a higher power. Highly recommend.

Trent C.

Best decision we ever made

One of the best decisions we ever made was to choose infinite for our son. His life has absolutely been transformed and we are forever grateful to the facility and staff for the care and compassion they have offered to our family. The staff is incredible.

They are special, amazing people that strive everyday to do the best they can by the clients. I’m telling you... they go above and beyond to help in every way they can!! The standard of care infinite has provided has far exceeded my expectations. The sober living they offer has given my son a safe, beautiful and high accountability place to live. It has been a life changing place for him and I would highly recommend Infinite Recovery and their sober living to anyone seeking help.

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Brooke D.

Great staff!

I've been to a lot of rehabs and detoxes, and Infinite is the best program I have been to. They have great staff, facility, and comfort meds that helped me come off heroin. The continuum of treatment has given me greater success than anywhere else.

Kevin G.

I would send ANYONE their way in a heart beat!

This was not my first treatment center, but Infinite has been exponentially more informative, supportive, and beneficial in the long run! There is not enough to say about the amazing staff here.

From the RCA's to PC's, everyone is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares for your well-being and future. They have support staff for every worry that I could think of (assistance in breaking a lease in order to go into sober living when I didn't think it was possible, contacting and dealing with HR at my job for STD Benefits and/or FMLA, etc.)! I did not intend on staying for the full continuum, but will never regret doing so. … Currently, in sober living, I am able to participate in the Alumni Program (available no matter how long your journey with Infinite) which is helping me build a sober tribe while playing softball, volunteering, and just having fun! Infinite Recovery's Program is very helpful throughout each level of care. I would send ANYONE their way in a heart beat!

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Kirsten H.


The detox facility was incredible, food amazing and staff just delightful. My experience in the next step of residential treatment at the ranch was life changing and simply inexplicable.

The people working at Infinite are 1000% invested in the recovery of their clients and do so much to make sure everyone is safe, supported, and working through their sobriety efficiently. They keep clients close and the bonds you build amongst the staff and community is wonderful, and I will forever be grateful for all they do for addicts, there's not a rating high enough for what the program and all staff members deserve here. The work along the way can be hard, but addiction is harder and the results are beyond rewarding for all the work you put in. If you want to start healing and live a life of sobriety and happiness, Infinite Recovery is the place to go!

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Benji S.

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