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Alcohol Rehab Austin Texas: Your First Step To Recovery

In the heart of anyone grappling with alcohol addiction, a whirlwind of emotions often stirs. There’s a glimmer of hope, a fragile belief that change is possible. Yet, there’s also a shadow of worry and fear. A lingering uncertainty about the journey ahead.

Taking those first steps to addiction treatment for substance abuse is not just about drugs and alcohol. Feelings of frustration and guilt, just as harmful to your mental health, can derail you too. Searching for alcohol rehab in Austin TX adds to your anxiety.

You’re aware of reaching a crossroads you don’t want to face alone. Among this storm of emotions, one truth remains fixed. The desire for understanding, support, and a chance at a brighter tomorrow.

Men and women embrace at sober living Austin
Infinite Recovery's alcohol rehab Austin yard

Residential Treatment for Long Term Recovery: Heart-Centered Level of Care

At our core, we understand these feelings because we’ve witnessed countless individuals walk this path. At our Austin alcohol rehab centers, we focus on individual and group treatment programs.

Inpatient addiction treatment at our recovery center in Buda,Texas offers a range of evidence based treatment services. Our beautiful 40-acre ranch, approximately 15 miles southwest of downtown Austin, is the setting for your transformation. Reconnect with nature, yourself and with others in the stunning countryside around you.

The treatments aim to give clients an opportunity to address the root causes of addiction. With support from our caring and compassionate staff treatment centers around holistic therapies.

The Austin Texas alcohol rehab center program includes:

  • Meditation and mindfulness groups
  • Swimming pool and on-site gym
  • Art therapy
  • Life skills development
  • Medication management
  • Family program and family counseling
  • Psychiatric follow-ups
  • Support groups
  • Trauma therapy, as needed
  • Chef-prepared meals and personal meal plans available

Together, through our full continuum of programs, we guide you to build a life you want to stay sober for.

Infinite Recovery's alcohol rehab Austin living room
Infinite Recovery's sober living Austin pool
Sober living Austin couples couseling

Admissions Process for Alcohol Rehab Center in Austin TX

One of the most difficult hurdles you may face in coming to terms with substance use disorder is finance. How do you pay for treatment? It’s a worry that often sabotages efforts to move from addiction to long-term sobriety.

Here at Infinite Recovery, we remove the financial barriers to high quality detox treatment. Our friendly admissions team is on hand to help. Let us check with your health provider, so we can take one more problem off your shoulders.

Simply fill in the form for our insurance verification process and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

Sober living Austin couples couseling

Believe in You: Embrace Hope and Healing with Infinite Recovery

Ever had those nagging doubts? Wondered if asking for help is right, or if you’re ready? It’s okay, we get it – taking this step is massive.

Imagine shaking off that weight, hearing laughter again, feeling true connections. You’ve read about the steps, and the support available – it’s all within reach. Believe in the strength that’s already in you. This is your moment to move forward.

Take that step, and begin your transformation today. You’re not alone. Get help now!

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