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Although recovery after detox may seem overwhelming and difficult, it doesn’t need to be. Located just a few hours from Houston, Texas, Hacienda San Gabriel has the tools you need to help you heal from a substance abuse disorder and maintain sobriety once transitioning out of rehab. With an individualized, holistic treatment approach, you can rest assured that your health and well-being are well supported so that you can stay sober for the long haul.

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Transform your life in Houston at Hacienda San Gabriel Inpatient Drug Rehab

Hacienda San Gabriel inpatient rehab center not only offers high-quality treatment, but also a peaceful and serene space to heal from drug and alcohol abuse and transform your life. With only a few hours drive from the Houston area, Hacienda San Gabriel is encompassed by 100 acres of beautiful, serene outdoor space just along the San Gabriel River in Liberty Hill. This tranquil oasis provides a favorable environment to receive high quality substance abuse treatment build the healthy foundations of lifelong sobriety.

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Connect to Your Purpose in Houston at a Premier Drug Rehab and Recovery Center

Surround yourself with a tranquil environment.

With the tranquility of a beautiful surrounding landscape, Hacienda San Gabriel is the perfect place to experience life transforming outdoor experiences and develop a calming meditation practice. See how your recovery benefits from taking in the beauty and stillness that comes from immersing yourself in the relaxing nature of the outdoors.

Create healthy thought patterns.

It is scientifically proven that being outdoors can boost your mood and help clear your mind. That is why Hacienda San Gabriel utilizes the expansive, beautiful surroundings to incorporate activities such as walking meditation. It is through combining the therapeutic effects of meditation and being outdoors that you can more easily recenter yourself, providing you with a sense of clarity and calmness that can be harder to achieve without the assistance of a peaceful environment. During these activities, you will be creating new and healthier thought patterns that help you connect to your true purpose and strengthen your recovery.

Support your recovery through physical activity.

Taking care of your body can be as equally important as supporting a healthy mind through meditative practices. Therefore, Hacienda San Gabriel offers an on-site gym and swimming pool that allow you to take care of your physical body, as well. We know that by nurturing all aspects of yourself- your mind, body, and spirit, you will be given optimal chances to recover successfully for the long-term. In addition, to further support your recovery, we have a personal trainer, a personal chef, and on-site nurses that will provide you with a well-rounded holistic wellness experience while in recovery.

Create meaningful connections.

In order to have healthy relationships outside of treatment, you will need support and guidance on how to connect to others in a meaningful way. Because substance abuse can cause strain on relationships, Hacienda San Gabriel is fully staffed with therapists and counselors that can help you prepare for a purposeful connection with others once transitioning out of rehab. Skills like learning how to proactively manage stressors and creating and maintaining healthy connections with others can be addressed, giving you comfort about creating these connections once transitioning out of rehab.

Hacienda San Gabriel drug rehab gives you the support you need for lifelong sobriety in Houston, Texas.

After getting sober and overcoming your dependency on drugs or alcohol, you will need a place where you can recover and reconnect to yourself and your purpose in life. While sobriety can take work, this journey does not need to be walked alone. With the help and support of professionally trained addiction specialists and a community of others recovering from a substance use disorder, Hacienda San Gabriel inpatient rehab will guide you towards healing every step of the way. We want to be part of your successful recovery journey. That is why we can ensure that you will leave our residential treatment center with a greater sense of purpose and clarity along with a sense of emotional, physical, and mental-well being.

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Individualized addiction treatment at our Drug Rehab near Houston

In order to promote sustainable sobriety, Hacienda San Gabriel addiction treatment center offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery. It is our goal to see each client completely transform their lives: emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally, and therefore, we custom-tailor each treatment plan to reflect and accentuate the uniqueness that each individual carries. Through our highly specialized, individualized treatment options, we ensure that you not only recover from addiction but that you leave our facility thriving and full of purpose. To facilitate long-term recovery and relapse prevention, we utilize cutting-edge treatment modalities designed to support mental health and break down the hurdles that keep you from living a fully satisfying and healthy life of sobriety. These modalities include support groups, behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis screening, aftercare planning, and support building new life skills. Although this work can be hard, we can ensure you that you will have all the support you need. With our professionally trained addiction specialists on staff, you will receive the most comprehensive, well-rounded treatment program that you could ever receive in a treatment facility. Not only will you see your sobriety life flourish but you will evolve and grow all aspects of your life: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This growth will follow you well outside of the walls of our recovery center, providing you with the addiction-free life you’ve always dreamed about.

Houstonians Can Recover In Peace at Hacienda San Miguel

Leaving home and entering drug or alcohol rehab programs can be daunting to many who are about to embark on a path of sobriety. That is why Hacienda San Gabriel strives to make your recovery living quarters just as cozy and comfortable at your own home. As such, our modern style housing gives you the space, privacy, and comfort you need while working through any difficult emotions that may arise, especially during the early stages of recovery. We want to alleviate any discomfort you may feel about leaving your comfort zone by providing you with a peaceful, serene environment to stay in that will help to bring about the healing and transformation you deserve. You can rest assured that although you aren’t at home, you will feel that you are in a safe place to embark on your journey to wellness and a fulfilling life.

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Create emotional sobriety at Hacienda San Gabriel Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol and drug addiction are complex addictions with underlying causes oftentimes stemming from a need to cope with emotional pain. At Hacienda San Gabriel, we understand that in order to create sustainable recovery from alcohol and drug abuse, it is imperative that the root cause of why drugs or alcohol were used in the first place is uncovered. With this discovery, you will learn how to recognize any potential barriers to successful sobriety and handle these barriers in a more healthy, meaningful way once you leave treatment. By learning a new skill set with which to handle difficult emotions, you will navigate sobriety much smoother, even if difficulties or roadblocks to your recovery come your way; therefore, you will have a greater chance of maintaining sobriety for the rest of your life. In order to ensure you get to the root cause of your addiction, Hacienda San Gabriel has staffed highly trained addiction specialists that can help you uncover the “why” behind your addiction and teach you how to cope with difficult emotions in another, more productive way. Not only will the new life skills and emotional skills you learn through our recovery program help produce a more stable and fulfilling life, but you will find that learning these tools will give you more confidence to manage the transition from rehab to the outside world. It is our goal to empower and equip you to feel completely competent to maintain sobriety upon leaving our alcohol and drug treatment center. We not only want to help you live sober free for the rest of your life, but we want to also help you create and prepare for a fulfilling future ahead of you.

A rehab center near Houston without the financial burden.

While the price of rehab may have deterred you or a loved one from seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in the past, Hacienda
San Gabriel wants to ensure that you can get the help you deserve without breaking the bank. By partnering with most insurance providers, Hacienda San Gabriel inpatient rehab paves the way for you to get high-quality, luxury-style treatment minus the financial stress that often comes with such all-inclusive treatment. We also understand that figuring out what insurance covers can feel complex and overwhelming. That’s why we will take care of finding out exactly what insurance covers for you. This way you will know exactly what an addiction treatment program will cost without being surprised upon leaving rehab. Call today and a friendly enrollment advisor will be able to provide you with an accurate and reliable quote on what rehab will cost you after taking care of the insurance leg work for you. It is our mission at Hacienda San Gabriel drug and alcohol rehab center to see everyone that needs help get the treatment they deserve within the financial constraints they may have. You have a right to effective and affordable treatment. Get your quote today so that you can start walking on the better path of sobriety immediately.

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