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How Our Austin Outpatient Rehab Works

When re-entering school or the workforce, we can help with intensive outpatient care. Through our outpatient rehab in Austin, enjoy discreet and confidential help in the form of group sessions. The sessions are less intense and the schedule is far more flexible than our other programs. In these sessions we’ll focus on methods you can use to easily reintegrate into school, the workforce, or your existing job. To ensure a seamless integration clients meet weekly with counselors. There they address their needs, obstacles they will face, and highlight growth opportunities.


We also know it is important for clients to repair relationships impacted by their addictions. That is why we help them develop social and environmental wellness to repair the damage done by their substance abuse. All clients are treated holistically both with our 8 Dimensions of Wellness and meeting with trauma therapists.

Masters trained clinicians are on staff to provide outpatient support.

We provide weekly therapy sessions curated to the individual to promote healing that meets them at their level and need.

Experience a full spectrum of care ranging from tailored psychiatric help to specific medical services if needed.

We provide modern, evidence driven, therapeutic interventions ranging from DBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing to help clients get and stay on track and in recovery.

Experience immersive recovery that integrates 12 step practices and clinical help while tying the key spiritual growth practices of yoga and meditation into treatment.

We provide a 3-day Intensive Family Workshop for outpatient rehab in Austin as a therapeutic retreat to promote family healing.

Get Ongoing Guidance With Our Outpatient Rehab In Austin

When you are ready to take the next step in your journey to getting and staying sober we are here to help. will be there to help. We understand that re-integrating in steps is the key to your success. That is why our outpatient rehab program in Austin is designed to align with the level of engagement you need.


Every client we work with has needs that are complex and unique to them. That’s why we provide a diverse approach to help you grow through group sessions, family rehab help (if or when needed), and guidance for you to continue growing while re-entering the workforce, social world, and school. When you are ready to take the next step we’ll be there to help. 

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