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Addiction disorders are on the rise in America.  According to USA Today, one in seven people Americans face a substance abuse disorder, however, only 10% of those addicted get treatment. There is no question that drug and alcohol rehab centers are one of the most important ways for someone to transition from addiction to sobriety. Unfortunately, however, the costs associated with such treatment can make getting such help out of reach for many people.

Luckily, insurance providers, such as Cigna Insurance, offers coverage for drug and alcohol treatment centers at a wide range of rehab facilities, including Infinite Recovery. Under this behavioral health coverage plan, someone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction can get the help they need and deserve. Learning about how Cigna coverage plans work with rehab centers, like Infinite Recovery, can help further prepare someone when considering getting such treatment.

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Cigna Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Cigna is a global health company servicing over 95 million customers worldwide. Providing service since 1792, Cigna is built on a reputation of integrity and commitment to the highest standards of operation. When pertaining to behavioral health coverage, Cigna covers many inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services, including detoxification and emergency assessments; however, certain criteria have to be met. If the behavioral health provider is contracted with Cigna, no pre-authorization is required. However, certain treatment and levels of service do require pre-authorization so it is important to look into the details of your plan to see what is required of you before you enter treatment. Furthermore, Cigna carries different coverage plans- HMO, FSA, PPO, PPS, and open access- that, depending on which coverage plan you have, may cover only certain drug and alcohol treatment options.

Figuring out whether your insurance covers treatment and what treatment options are available through your insurance can be challenging. Instead of trying to navigate the fine print, you have a couple of other options. One option is to call Cigna and verify your insurance benefits or you can login to the member page and verify through their online portal. Alternatively, an Admissions and Eligibility Specialist at Infinite Recovery would be glad to navigate your insurance policy with Cigna for you.  

Differences between Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

While looking into treatment options covered through your insurance policy, you may wonder what the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment are. Inpatient treatment involves living at a treatment facility, where you are provided with a room, food, and program activities, such as individual or group therapy. Outpatient treatment entails visiting a rehab center for scheduled appointments and therapy sessions but returning back home later that day.

Determining whether to do inpatient or outpatient treatment can depend on how severe the addiction is. With an addiction in full-swing, inpatient treatment is typically preferable to transition someone from drug/alcohol abuse to sobriety. Furthermore, because addiction takes hold of your mind and makes the addict unable to control crave impulses, inpatient treatment helps to separate the addict from their drug(s) of choice so that they aren’t tempted to get more drugs while trying to recover. However, there are certain circumstances that may not make inpatient treatment plausible. As such, Infinite Recovery also provides intensive outpatient treatment with Master’s level clinicians on hand to give the most comprehensive treatment available if inpatient treatment is not an option.

Coverage at a drug/alcohol rehab center, depending on your plan, may include:

cigna in and out of network coverage

In-Network and Out-of-Network Coverage with Cigna:

When considering a drug and alcohol treatment center, you may wonder what the differences between “in” or “out-of-network” means and what that entails for treatment costs. When a treatment center is “in-network”, it means that the facility has entered a contractual agreement with an insurance company to accept certain discounted rates for services rendered. Typically, this means that the person utilizing such insurance coverage at a facility that is “in-network” with their insurance company acquires minimal, if any,  financial obligation for treatment, compared to an “out-of-network” plan. Therefore, an “out-of-network” plan differs in that the treatment center has not entered a contractual agreement with the insurance company, often leading to higher out-of-pocket costs for an individual. Out-of-pocket fees are the fees incurred by an individual that go beyond their monthly premiums and what their insurance will cover. Something to keep in mind is that a treatment center that “accepts” your insurance does not mean that they are “in-network” with your insurance company. A treatment center can accept your BCBS Insurance, however, may be “out-of-network” with your insurance, causing higher-than-average treatment costs than if using an “in-network” insurance plan. Fortunately, Infinite Recovery has partnered with Cigna to offer you the discounted rates associated with in-network coverage.

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Detoxing with Cigna

With the help of a medically-trained professional, someone addicted to drugs can detox safely without severe withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing off the drugs is essential in order to alleviate the intense cravings one faces when on a mind-altering drug. Since detox and withdrawal symptoms vary person-to-person, having a complete assessment done in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms is essential. In this way, Infinite Recovery employs clinically trained staff to care 24/7 so that all day-to-day or emergency needs are always met in the safest way possible for the patient. Because detoxing is vital to recovery, make sure to confirm what detox coverage you have through your Cigna Insurance policy.

Using Your Cigna Insurance Policy to Get Help

With the alarming rate of addictions on the rise, more and more insurance companies, like Cigna, are providing a more comprehensive coverage approach for their customers. With Infinite Recovery’s in-network partnership with Cigna the financial strain often associated with such all-inclusive treatment is alleviated, allowing more people to get the help they need. Please reach out to our friendly staff to see how your Cigna insurance would best benefit you and your recovery process and what treatment options may look like for you.

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