Proactive Growth Through Extended Care (PHP)

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Recovery Post-Residency

Extended care is the next step for our clients post inpatient. To aid in recovery, we offer a partial hospitalization program for drug and alcohol treatment. We found that the best results for achieving long-lasting sobriety rely on continuing care through less intense programs. To ensure our clients successfully maintain a sober life we offer Extended Care Treatment in 30, 60, and 90 day programs. Our programs are discreet, completely confidential, and easy to access.

In our programs, we encourage clients to develop relationships with our staff so they can best determine the optimal approach for treatment. During treatment we work towards a total life transformation using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Model. To support the client’s journey during group therapy, our clinicians will follow up on clients with urine analysis along with evaluating any medical needs and prescribing any medications required. Our programs place a strong focus on resolving the underlying traumas that drive addicts to substance abuse. Our programs help clients enter back into everyday life with a concrete plan to remain in recovery!

We Provide Masters Level Clinicians Who Specialize In Outpatient Treatment.

Experience a full spectrum of care ranging from tailored psychiatric help to specific medical services if needed.

We provide modern, evidence driven, therapeutic interventions ranging from DBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing to help clients get and stay on track and in recovery.

Experience immersive recovery that integrates 12 step practices and clinical help while tying the key spiritual growth practices of yoga and meditation into treatment.

To ensure a seamless experience we provide full transportation both to and from programming along with trips for groceries.

We provide weekly therapy sessions curated to the individual to promote healing that meets them at their level and need.

We provide a 3-day Intensive Family Workshop for outpatient rehab in Austin as a therapeutic retreat to promote family healing.

Complete Re-Integration Treatment

To successfully get sober and stay sober at our Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Texas requires re-integrating into everyday life. This can be the most difficult part in the sobriety journey. To ensure a successful transition we offer complete re-integration treatment by providing a full continuum of care. Each level is designed and supported by professionals. They include guidance from a master’s level therapist, licensed addiction counselors, and our recovery support specialists. The path to wellness has ups and downs. That is why every level of treatment has a different level of intensity. These levels come in a unique combination of holistic and hands on approaches used to grow client wellness at our outpatient treatment Austin.

We guide each resident in the journey to recovery by helping them curate optimum treatment based on their experience.

Recovery is a unique experience and requires treatment tailored to each person’s health, state, and needs. That is why we promote a holistic approach. Through its lens, total recovery becomes a state of transformation. Recovery doesn’t work when it’s merely a vacation from the real world. That’s why we focus on both our residents’ integration and restoration. We help residents transform their health, relationships with the people that matter most, their work, school, social activities, and most importantly- their self. To find out more about this approach, visit our 8 Dimensions Of Wellness page.


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