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We are a strong team here to guide you in overcoming addiction. That means you need a strong team guiding you to recovery. Addiction is a complicated and intelligent disease-not a moral failure you can bootcamp out.

We know every single person suffering from addiction can overcome it. How do we know this? Simple, almost every single counselor, staff member, or team leader is living an active life in recovery, even our founder Michael Dadashi.

Anyone who has been addicted knows how powerful the experience is. Substance abuse wraps people in cycles of selfishness and deceit forcing them to lie, cheat, and steal to survive. We also know addiction is often symptoms of deeper trauma or shame. That’s why we don’t rely on traditional ‘get dry’ treatment and instead create proactive environments with teams who have shared experiences and understand the path to recovery.

That is why at Infinite Recovery we have a team trained to create an environment to both challenge and heal.

To accomplish that, we combine empowering therapeutic techniques alongside a no-excuse policy. Every single client carries the expectation of both being an adult and partnering in their recovery. Both our programs and team are built to start recovery at where the client is when they come in while raising expectations on their maturity and recovery.

Every single client that comes to us is held to a high standard based on their needs. We recognize that each person’s situation, challenges, and abilities are unique. That is why our team works with you to develop your goals in a way that aligns with our standards so you can celebrate success on your own terms. We do this by responding to client recovery barriers with clinically tailored assessments and empowered interventions.

michaelresized 1

Michael Dadashi


Our CEO Michael is the heart of Infinite Recovery. Clean and sober since 2009, Michael replaced his old attitudes with a new set of principles that motivated him to extend the same Life-saving second chances he had received to others struggling with addiction. He started by employing other recovering addicts at his e-waste recycling business, MHD Enterprises, which he has owned for more than a decade. Defying just about every possible conventional hiring practice, he grew MHD into an award-winning company.

In 2014, Michael took his mission to help addicts rebuild their lives one step further by opening Infinite Recovery. His goal was to provide a full continuum of care by equipping clients with the tools and support necessary for a successful second chance at life. In 2017 with the help of his talented wife, Ylianna, we launched a medical detox and residential facility and realized Michael’s dream of providing a full continuum of care.

Michael has the unique ability to bridge the gap between business and service to others. Michael supports various non-profit organizations such as Facing Addiction, Recovery People, Lifesteps, Austin Community College Foundation and serves on the board of Communities for Recovery and Teen and Family Services. Michael’s definition of success is to live life with complete purpose and passion for all he does both personally and professionally.


Ylianna Dadashi


Ylianna is the creative genius behind the look and feel of Infinite Recovery. Her mission is to create a positive experience and a lasting impression for clients and employees alike. As a designer and licensed realtor, Ylianna also directs all real estate ventures and development.

A McAllen native, Ylianna was the reigning Miss Texas USA in 2015. In July 2015 she went on to represent Texas in the Miss USA pageant placing as first runner-up to Miss USA. Dividing her time between school and traveling for her reign, she graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a bachelors degree in Communication Arts.

Shortly after Miss USA, Ylianna married the man of her dreams Michael Dadashi and moved to Austin, Texas. Ylianna works with various non-profit organizations such as the Austin Community College Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Easter Seals, Proyecto Desarollo Humano and the Texas Children’s Hospital to name a few. Her love for children has allowed her to give back and inspire young people in Texas by teaching them to “always believe” in themselves and the beauty of their goals.

She took her love for helping children to launch her own 501c3, The Heartwater Foundation, whose mission is to “Improve the lives of children suffering from extreme poverty and disease (with a specific focus on addiction)

Ylianna is a Certified Yoga Instructor that enjoys spiritual retreats, travel, cooking, family time and service work.

StaffPic Gail Zorne

Gail Zorne


“I was given a wonderful gift nine years ago when my son Michael Dadashi was given a second chance at a life that is happy, joyous, and free from addiction. We know the sense of community, mentorship, and compassion are what every person needs for recovery. It is indeed a joy and honor to be part of the recovery community and share our message, but I mainly want to pour my heart out to all the moms and dads out there and tell them not to lose faith because their second chance could be right around the corner. We can recover.” – Gail Zorne, Community Relations Manager
StaffPic Robin Lindeman

Robin Lindeman


Robin brings years of experience in all areas of the recovery industry to Infinite Recovery. Prior to Infinite, Robin was part of Right Step’s Admission and Clinical Team. She translated her admission, clinical and communication skills into her positions at Infinite where she excelled in Admissions, Utilization Review, Clinical Staffing and Compliance Specialization. Not only does Robin have experience, but her passion for recovery is personal. Robin has been a person in long-term recovery for going on a decade and her passion is to help others achieve the same level of freedom and happiness that she has as a result of sobriety.
IMG 9967

Dr. Keith Garcia


A native of Texas, Keith Garcia was born in Houston, attended Rice University, and completed a combined MD/PhD program at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Dr. Garcia pursued residency training in Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, where he remained as faculty until 2010. Dr. Garcia relocated to Austin to continue his academic career with the Dell Medical School and Seton Family of Hospitals. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Garcia has cared for patients with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric conditions across the spectrum of treatment settings including inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. In 2017, Dr. Garcia left academics to start his own practice and has focused on providing psychiatric care to people suffering with addiction. Dr. Garcia is a Board Certified in Psychiatry by the ABPN. He has published over 20 articles and chapters across a wide range of topics, has provided mentorship to numerous resident psychiatrists and students, but is most rewarded by working with at team to provide clinical care to patients.
StaffPic Kaitlin Waltrip Howelli

Kaitlin Waltrip-Howell


Kaitlin is an experienced, motivated, and dynamic leader with a strong background in healthcare revenue cycle management and payer relations. Kaitlin is a creative visionary with a strong passion for project management and process efficiencies. She is a proactive, self-initiating, and adaptable individual with solid work ethic and customer satisfaction approach. Kaitlin holds her Master’s degree in healthcare administration and carries certificates in Project Management and Six Sigma. Kaitlin is also a member of Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) and American Academy of Professional Coding (AAPC).

Kaitlin’s own personal experience with recovery has led her to being of service in healthcare administration in substance abuse treatment and behavioral health settings. As the loved one of many people in long-term recovery, she has seen the transformative power of sobriety and 12-step recovery. She brings professional expertise and personal passion to Infinite Recovery.

Jon Watersinterventions staff pic

Jon Waters


Infinite Recovery’s Director of Business Development, Jon Waters has a passion for recovery and helping people succeed. As a person in long-term recovery who found sobriety in Texas, Waters holds this recovery community near and dear to his heart. Jon brings years of experience to the Infinite team having previously worked at Brazos Recovery Services and The Ranch at Clear Springs, and has since become heavily involved in community outreach and advocacy. Jon is also a member of the Austin Alumni Alliance and regularly works with RecoveryATX. When Jon isn’t carrying the message and helping others recover from the disease of addiction, he’s spending time with his wife Lauren and son August, playing softball, or enjoying the gifts of sobriety.
StaffPic Amanda Ramos

Amanda Ramos


“I started in this field in 2008 and have worked all levels of care (Detox, RES, PHP, IOP, case management). I worked in south Florida for 8 years before moving to Texas in 2016. I took a short detour for the last two years, working admissions at Eating Recovery Center. I became passionate about chemical dependency after losing my son’s father to addiction in 2006, followed by several other close friends from my hometown. I have my bachelor’s and Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, and I currently am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida, working on transferring it to the Licensed Professional Counselor for Texas.” – Amanda R.
StaffPic Liz Duffey

Liz Duffey


“I have always been passionate about mental health, especially having family members that have dealt with mental health issues. Through my experiences and my own recovery, I have really been able to connect with those struggling. I have a mental health background, and have worked in psych hospitals and long-term residential psych facilities, and have found that I really enjoy this field of helping others. When I came across Infinite Recovery, I could tell that everyone here is so passionate about what they do and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. It’s been a blessing joining our clients on their recovery journey.” – Liz Duffey
StaffPic Lauren Waters

Lauren Waters


Lauren began her recovery in December 2013 and began her career in the treatment industry in 2014 as a recovery advocate at a facility in the Texas Hill Country. Since then, she has worked in many departments within the industry, including Admissions, Counseling and Utilization Review. She has been blessed to work with men and women from all walks of life and watch many of them recover. Lauren graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Edward’s University in 2010 and acquired her LCDC-I in October 2016. Today, Lauren enjoys staying physically active, singing and playing her guitar and spending time with the family she almost lost during her addiction. She currently lives in Austin, TX with her dogs and her two best friends: her husband, Jon and their son, August.
StaffPic Anetta Warren

Annetta Warren


Annetta joins the Infinite Recovery team and brings an array of tools and experience that aid in addiction counseling and the recovery process. Annetta is a Central Texas College and Texas A & M University-Central Texas alumni. She has work with a multitude of population to include but not limited to addiction, military, veterans, prison setting, children and families. Prior to the pursuit of a career as a licensed professional counselor Annetta spent several years serving in the United States Army. Annetta is a twice decorated war veteran. Her mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
StaffPic Tanner Williams

Tanner Williams

Admissions Lead

“My name is Tanner, and I am the Admissions Lead here at Infinite Recovery. Being in recovery myself, I am extremely passionate about healing families through the treatment process. I feel very grateful, because now I am in a position that I get to work with families and help them rebuild and reconstruct. When people call looking for help for their loved one- I’m the first voice that they hear. I get to be a voice of hope, because I have been through it. I also get to educate the families on the recovery process. I get to hopefully calm them somewhat, and offer them hope. Recovery Is a lifetime process for the families and their loved ones alike. Today I am so grateful to pay it forward, and offer families hope, and solution.” - Tanner W.
IMG 6828

Danielle Allen

Admissions Officer

“My story is no different than most. My addiction lasted 26 years. I was in and out of jail and eventually went to prison for four years. Within two weeks of getting out, I started getting high and selling dope. I funneled through people like water. Emotions and feelings were never part of any decisions I made. Eventually, I got tired of being fired and that's when I became willing to hear the message of hope, spirituality, 12 steps, and solution. Once I was able to work on myself, I was able to find a way to forgive; forgive myself and forgive others. That forgiveness lead me to where I am now, helping families that are in crisis and feel hopeless. I now get to be that first voice they hear when they reach out for help. I love that I get to share my story with them to let them know that there is a way out and that we are going to help them and their loved ones along the way. By Gods grace, the 12 steps, my sponsor, and many people along the way I'm able to celebrate 12 yrs of sobriety this year.`` -Danielle A.
StaffPic Ryan Derbes

Ryan Derbes

Admissions Officer

``My name is Ryan Derbes, and I am very blessed to be part of an organization that teaches the same solution that saved my life. I struggled with addiction to oxycodone and heroin for several years and decided that I wanted to stop. It never occurred to me that maybe I couldn’t stop. I lost a multiple jobs, relationships, and burned through all the money I could get my hands on. I found myself in and out of rehabs and detoxes trying to figure out a way to stay sober and I was baffled, confused, and demoralized and so was my family. I was unable to say sober for longer than two months outside of a treatment center, and my life fell apart rapidly multiple times. During this time, I was kicked out of a rehab for getting caught sneaking drugs and alcohol in multiple times, and out of multiple sober livings for continuous relapses. I found myself in situations and places I never expected myself to ever be. Through the 12 step process, I gained access to a connection to a Power which saved me from myself. Through the relationship I now have with what I choose to call God, not only am I able to stay sober, but life is infinitely more fulfilling and satisfying. I am actually able to show up for people in my life today and see what I can add to life instead of what I can get out of it. I am truly grateful to be a part of the team at Infinite, and to be able to share what was given to me.`` - Ryan
IMG 9561

Amanda Prine

Admissions Officer

``My story started at a very young age. My family started getting me high when I was 5 until I was 14. For me I was shocked to find out in my mid 20’s that there was a whole world of people out there that led successful normal lives and did not use drugs. I thought it was normal and was raised to believe that. Dabbling with recovery was very painful and I found a whole lot of emotions that I didn’t realize that I had and all I wanted to do was bury those feelings. I finally decided I wanted more out of life. It took moving over 1000 miles away from everything I knew and loved for me to maintain my sobriety. I have been sober for almost 6 years now. The people that helped me the most in my recovery were the people that had been through it. I am so grateful to Infinite Recovery because now I get to be one of those people. I never would have dreamed this possible. I love helping people, talking to them when they call in, and doing whatever I can to get them into treatment. I feel like I am giving back and it is so rewarding. It does not feel like work it feels like what I was always meant to do.`` -Amanda

Complete Re-Integration Treatment

To successfully get sober and stay sober at our Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Texas requires re-integrating into everyday life. This can be the most difficult part in the sobriety journey. To ensure a successful transition we offer complete re-integration treatment by providing a full continuum of care. Each level is designed and supported by professionals. They include guidance from a master’s level therapist, licensed addiction counselors, and our recovery support specialists. The path to wellness has ups and downs. That is why every level of treatment has a different level of intensity. These levels come in a unique combination of holistic and hands on approaches used to grow client wellness at our outpatient treatment Austin.

We guide each resident in the journey to recovery by helping them curate optimum treatment based on their experience.

Recovery is a unique experience and requires treatment tailored to each person’s health, state, and needs. That is why we promote a holistic approach. Through its lens, total recovery becomes a state of transformation. Recovery doesn’t work when it’s merely a vacation from the real world. That’s why we focus on both our residents’ integration and restoration. We help residents transform their health, relationships with the people that matter most, their work, school, social activities, and most importantly- their self. To find out more about this approach, visit our 8 Dimensions Of Wellness page.


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