Post-detox is a time for recovery and growth

Learn to live sober at Hacienda San Gabriel

 We assist you to get centered, healed, and in-tune with your true purpose.

Hacienda San Gabriel is a place to re-connect, heal, and begin practicing healthy behaviors.

You need 24/7 care while you regain your peace of mind.

Right after detox, you’re hit with the reality of the work you need to do and the problems you need to fix. It can be overwhelming, and you need a place that supports the work of staying sober.

Get Help Now

Hacienda San Gabriel helps you build the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional foundations of sobriety.

Hacienda San Gabriel is a 100 acre ranch along the San Gabriel River in Liberty Hill, the perfect place to begin your recovery journey. We provide a personalized treatment plan in a safe, gender-specific environment for both our male and female clients to do the work they need to stay sober.

Find Yourself

You need a place to reconnect and transform.

Breathe in the serenity of natural beauty.

Hacienda San Gabriel offers natural spaces for meditation and outdoor experiences. We also provide luxury spaces for restorative rest.

Find meaning outdoors.

Hacienda San Gabriel has acres of trails to explore. Walking meditations in nature help you build new thought patterns and healthy habits. Take in a beautiful environment. Move at your own pace. Breathe into life. Connect with your higher purpose.

Build a healthy body to support a healthy mind.

A consistent physical wellness practice raises your self-esteem. As you take care of yourself physically, you naturally want to take care of yourself emotionally and mentally. Hacienda San Gabriel helps you take care of yourself. Our on-site gym, personal trainer, personal chef, swimming pool, and on-site nurses help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Develop your emotional skill set for a sober life.

When you first get sober, working relationships can be overwhelming. Maintaining healthy relationships may seem impossible, but it's not. Hacienda San Gabriel’s therapists and counselors help you learn proactive practices for managing stress. We help prepare you for success in all performance-based situations.

Hacienda San Gabriel provides space to build the foundations of long-term sobriety.

Healthy, proactive behaviors don’t come naturally. Getting sober is the first step. After that, you need a place to heal, work on yourself, and reconnect to life.

Think you’re ready?

Reach out and we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan that works for you.