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Sober Living Austin Texas: Where Healing Begins

What is a sober living home? This is a question that often arises when families are desperately seeking a lifeline for their family members. In these moments of uncertainty and concern, opening your mind and heart to the issue is essential. Learning to live a sober life takes practice.

At Infinite Recovery, we understand the challenges you face. As you seek a path to recovery and renewal, we’re here to help. Start to build a life you want to stay sober for by treating the root cause of your addiction.

Men and women embrace at sober living Austin
Infinite Recovery's sober living Austin TX yard

Taking the Next Step: Moving from Detox to Sober Living Austin TX

When an individual takes the courageous step of overcoming addiction and completes detox, a new chapter begins. As they emerge from the grip of substances, the journey towards a sober life continues.

This is where the concept of sober living steps in, serving as the bridge between detox and lasting recovery. So, what exactly is sober living, and why is it the next logical move after detox?

Infinite Recovery's alcohol rehab Austin living room
Infinite Recovery's sober living Austin pool
Sober living Austin couples couseling

Sober Living or Halfway House – Which Should You Choose?

Here’s a simple breakdown to help you understand the differences:

Sober Living Houses:

  • Focus on Recovery Environment – They provide a strong network for recovery support through counseling, and group therapy.
  • Flexible Length of Stay – Variable lengths of stay allow for personalized progress
  • Emphasis on Rebuilding Lives – Sober homes help develop life skills and healthy relationships beyond addiction

Here at Infinite Recovery, we operate a number of sober living homes in Austin. Sober living programs are open to clients transitioning out of our residential or partial hospitalization programs.

Sober living Austin couples couseling

Why Choose Infinite Recovery Austin Sober Living Houses?

When you’re moving forward in your recovery journey, consider one of the best sober living homes in Austin. After completing addiction treatment programs, they offer a helpful path to gradually return to a regular life free from addiction.

What Can You Expect From Our Sober Houses in Central Austin?

These homes warmly welcome both men and women, providing a safe, steady, and caring space for your continued progress.

  • Beautifully appointed home-from-home environment
  • Fully equipped with quality furnishings
  • Two lab-tested urine analysis checks each week
  • Random breathalyzer and 12-strip panel UAs as needed each month

Living in a recovery community helps to support your long term addiction treatment. Each Austin sober living home has a live-in house manager as well as a sober living program coordinator.

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