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The Train is Leaving the Station… What Time Can You Join Us?

Medically Reviewed
Last Medically Reviewed on: 20220327
Infinite Recovery's alumni photo in the park

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24 Mar, 2022

    As we mentioned in the previous newsletter, the alumni committee – Julius, Skye, Kristi, James, and Rosana – are working hard to create fellowship events, support services, and volunteer opportunities for you.  We have a list of great activities to support your long-term sobriety and empower you to thrive as a man/woman in recovery.  We need your feedback to identify the best time to schedule all the activities that we have lined up to support and enhance your recovery journey.  Please, provide your feedback here. It’ll only take 1 minute of your time and allow us to invest thousands of minutes in you! #wecanrecover together!

    We are waiting for you to join our Facebook group Infinite Power, weekly free boxing classes, and our brand-new Infinite Book Club.  Need more information? Contact us at 512-200-4925 or 512-643-3732.

    Alumni Spotlight

    “My experience with alcohol and substance abuse started in high school. I liked the person I was when I did these things and the confidence it gave me. I had a lack of external consequences for a long time, and I couldn’t see that I had a problem for years. I got through some school and was a student nurse and well on my way to becoming a licensed RN. The stresses with school started to pile up, along with problems with personal relationships, so I started back with drugs and alcohol because it was the only thing I knew to feel okay. I started failing school and it was taking a toll on my family. After failing a few semesters of nursing school and cutting off ties with my family completely, my life was unmanageable, and the problem became clear to me. I wasn’t done though, I still thought I could stop on my own, so I tried for months to stop on my own power and that took me to the darkest and scariest place of my entire life. After my last friend cut me off I decided that I needed some help. After I got to Infinite Recovery, I got some relief just through seeing the cycle of addiction and identifying the problem. At first, it was about getting sober but after 3 years my life is about much more than that. The people that taught me how to get in touch with a power much bigger than I have ever known gave me an opportunity to live life for the first time with a brand-new perspective. Not only do I just feel okay now, but I feel at peace and taken care of. My eyes are open now to opportunities that I wasn’t even remotely aware of before I was introduced to the 12 steps and the higher power that came into my life as a result of working those steps. I’m able to do things I could have never done before and help people I would have never helped before. This is all because of the people at Infinite and the way they taught me how to work the steps and how to get access to that higher power. I came out on the other side of treatment with a lot more purpose and gratitude than I ever expected to have. Thanks to those people that carried the message to me.”

    Trent C.Sobriety Date – 11/08/2018

    What Are We Up To?

    1st Alumni Outdoors Event of 2022 – Mindfulness and Hike @ Walnut Creek Park. A huge thank you to our special speaker Christian Q.

    Black Sheep Boxing classes, every Saturday from 3-4 pm

    Learning & Growing

    B.B.B. by Deborah James, Infinite Recovery Clinical Director

    A mindfulness exercise that is very important to remember in early recovery is the practice of breathing. B.B.B. (Back-up, Breathe, and Be Quiet). This process helps us to clear our minds and renew our spirits. When we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, it causes the amygdala in our brain to be stimulated which causes a fight or flight response. When the amygdala is activated, it places us in a high-risk situation where we are not thinking rationally and may cause us to react irresponsibly. Listening to the body when it gives warning signs to B.B.B. is a relapse prevention technique that we often overlook. When the heart begins to race and we feel butterflies in our stomach, just BBB, it allows you to ground, recenter and think rationally.

    If you would like to know more about the amygdala and how it works in our brain, click here

    Happy Recovery Journey!

    Michael Dadashi

    Medical Content Writer

    Family owned and operated since 2014, Infinite Recovery was founded by Michael & Ylianna Dadashi to give those struggling with addiction a second chance and help to rebuild their lives. Clean and sober since 2009, Michael is passionate about helping others discover their authentic self and live a life of true freedom and purpose.

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