Located in the beautiful hill country on the southern shores of Lake Travis, Lakeway is a sought after place not only to unwind for the weekend but also to live. Because it has an excellent reputation for superb schooling and a family-centered lifestyle, this city has been steadily growing in population for years. Unfortunately, however, despite its beauty and family living conditions, Lakeway, just as any other community in America, is also home to many people suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. And because many people that grow up in this city may want to stay intact with their community, those struggling with an addiction may delay seeking treatment out of fear of leaving their comfortable surroundings. 

Fortunately, there is hope for someone who lives in Lakeway that wants top-notch addiction help while staying close to their family and friends. Centers like Infinite Recovery at Hacienda San Gabriel specialize in holistically treating addiction and combating the devastating effects that substance addiction can have on the user, all the while being a close drive from Lakeway. Knowing that one will be thoroughly treated from an addiction and having the comfort of being close to home are essential in facilitating the healing and recovery process from drugs or alcohol abuse.

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Furthermore, with individualized care in mind, Hacienda San Gabriel ensures that each individual seeking sobriety will get the support they need when transitioning out of detox. With help and guidance from addiction expert therapists and counselors, along with personalized treatment plans, Hacienda San Gabriel makes transitioning out of rehab and into the outside world as easily and effortless as possible. It is the mission of this rehab to ensure that each individual feels they have a solid recovery foundation on which to build upon once leaving treatment, thus increasing their chances of staying sober for the long-run.

Live Drug and Alcohol Free at a Lakeway Drug Rehab

Located within expansive, beautiful acreage, Hacienda San Gabriel is conveniently located in Liberty Hill, Texas. This 100 acre ranch encompasses the serene San Gabriel River along with miles of tranquil hiking and walking trails. With a drive-time of less than 1 hour, Hacienda San Gabriel makes drive-time doable for someone looking for full recovery from addiction in Lakeway. This convenience factor is particularly healing for a client who feels safe knowing that loved ones are nearby while they are embarking on the beginning stages of their recovery process. Furthermore, with the tranquility and serenity that this large acreage has to offer, clients are able to more aptly focus on their sobriety with all distractions put aside. This is extremely beneficial when healing from all of the devastating effects substance abuse can have on an individual and instead forge a new path of fulfillment free from drug and alcohol abuse.

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Recover While Being Connected to Nature in a Lakeway Drug Rehab 

One of the most healing things a person can do to aid in their recovery is to connect to nature. Hacienda San Gabriel recognizes the power of being immersed in outdoor beauty and, as such, has incorporated activities like walking meditations in their treatment plans. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, promote better emotional health, improve sleep, and increase focus, along with numerous other benefits. On the other hand, being outdoors has been proven to boost one’s energy levels and immune system and increase happiness in one’s life. As such, combining the best of both worlds promotes an accelerated rate of healing and transformation in a person’s life.

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Get to the Root of the Addiction in a Lakeway Drug Rehab 

Addiction is multi-faceted and, therefore, needs a multi-faceted approach in order to ensure one’s full recovery. Typically speaking, one side of addiction rises from some sort of emotional trauma or trigger that spurs an individual’s need to cope with drugs or alcohol in order to soothe the pain. As such, in order to get to the root of the need to cope with drugs in the first place it is essential to employ the help of a trained therapist that is a specialist in addiction. Even if an emotional trauma does not seem apparent in one’s life, having someone carefully and gently uncover possible reasons why a substance was abused will increase the chances of long-term sobriety. Having this understanding of where addiction stems from will help you to navigate life more fluidly in the future, even if challenges are presented your way. Not only will this knowledge aid in your recovery, it will also set you up for a lifetime of emotional stability and fulfillment. 

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Hacienda San Gabriel’s on-site therapists and counselors help clients move towards this state of emotional healing and stability by providing clients with the tools needed to manage overwhelming emotions and stress. By learning to incorporate these tools, one is given the power to mitigate any emotional obstacles encountered outside of treatment. Additionally, because addiction oftentimes causes strains in relationships, learning techniques to create and cultivate healthier relationships will help one to sustain those relationships in the future.

A Lakeway Drug Rehab that Helps Strengthen One’s Mind and Body

In order to best approach recovery from addiction, it is important to utilize modalities that encompass emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental treatment plans. Alongside meditative practices, counseling, and outdoor activities, physical movement is a powerful tool to help strengthen one’s mind and body. The benefits from physical activity are numerous, however, some of the top benefits exercise can provide to our clients while in recovery include a better night’s sleep, a raised self-esteem, an improved mood, and a greater sense of mental clarity. Because these benefits increase the chances of maintaining long-term sobriety, Hacienda San Gabriel gives each client the opportunity to receive the advantages that physical activity has to offer with an on-site personal trainer and a beautiful on-site gym and swimming pool. 

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Furthermore, since nutrition plays a major role in a person’s overall well-being, we have staffed a personal, on-site chef to prepare meals geared towards helping our client’s health thrive. Along with this, our on-site nurses provide our clients with peace of mind that no matter what health condition may arise, their well-being will be well taken care of and protected.

Getting Sober in a Lakeway Drug Rehab 

Fortunately enough, relocating far away from your comfort zone to get the help you need is not necessary. Infinite Recovery at Hacienda San Gabriel provides the means for someone living in or around the Lakeway area to get the help they need while being close to loved ones in the process. With our holistic, well-rounded and individualized care modalities, we can ensure that you will get the unique care you need and deserve in order to break the bondage of addiction and stay sober for the long-term. 

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Seeking help is a sign of strength not weakness. Please do not feel that you need to seclude yourself or walk the path of sobriety alone. The most important thing you can do for your well-being and future self is to invest the time into your sobriety right now. Through our San Antonio detox and Austin drug rehab, Infinite Recovery helps individuals from across the state of Texas who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. 

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Please reach out to our friendly enrollment advisors today so that you can get started on a fulfilling and satisfying path of sobriety immediately. You deserve a life free from drugs and alcohol. 

Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens

Amanda is a prolific content writer, and is in recovery from disordered eating. She has a passion for health, nutrition, meditation, spiritual practices, and being a mother of a beautiful daughter.

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