Sadly, most young people and even some older people believe there isn’t a party without party drugs. While they view the world of party drugs as something very interesting and a way to make parties more fun, they are more dangerous than most people give them credit. 

Party drugs are often placed under the umbrella of “date rape” drugs, as they can either knock someone unconscious or make them helpless to someone’s advances without considering their consent. Additionally, they can cause various other problems for you, including problems with your cognition and memory. Most party drugs are odorless, colorless, and available in pills and tablet forms. 

Types of Party Drugs

Party drugs can either be stimulants to make you feel better and much more enhanced whenever you feel things or depressants that can reduce your functional and cognitive activity. Here are some of the most common party drugs:


Ecstasy is a drug that can make you feel, well…ecstasy. You feel high, on top of the world, and even get hallucinogenic and stimulating effects. It feels like a good drug, but it can often cause problems thinking straight and dangerous spikes in your body temperature. Plus, ecstasy also has one heck of a comedown that can cause nausea, visual distortions, and paranoia.

The effects of the drug speed up your central nervous system after about an hour, but some people think that the first pill they take isn’t working and mistakenly take more, which can cause serious problems. Eventually, you will depend on the drug and need to wean yourself off it.

Plus, like with other addictive substances, you will get less and less of a high from Ecstasy as you take it more often. This often leads people to take more pills to get the same effect, and then they suffer the side effects of the extra drug going through their bodies. Often, the extra high isn’t enough, and they keep chasing the dragon.

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Meth, also called Speed or “Rocket Fuel,” is extremely addictive and makes you feel like you have chugged a couple dozen Red Bulls. It is a powerful drug that can lead to feelings of jumpiness, excitement, anger, fear, and paranoia. When you take meth, you experience all your emotions ten-fold. Unfortunately, this can also lead to severe teeth problems as meth rots your teeth, and you can also experience skin rashes and itching. 

Meth can also increase your wakefulness and physical energy almost immediately, but it has the downside of increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, convulsions, seizures, and severe changes in body temperature can also cause health problems and death.


It isn’t much of a party when you find out this drug is an anesthetic to treat animals at the vet. This drug can cause paranoia, deliriousness, suicidal thoughts, and other problems. Now, ketamine has been used and is used for medical issues and the treatment of depression. However, that is often done in a clinical trial and under strict medical supervision, and you should not deviate from the medical plan. 

What Are The Dangers of Using Party Drugs?

Party drugs are dangerous due to the effects they normally have and the environment they are often found in. Party drugs are often found at large parties, where there’s loud music, occasionally predatory people, and alcohol. The combination of drugs and alcohol can make the party drugs much worse, and these party drugs are odorless and colorless.

The alcohol at parties and bars can send confusing messages to the brain and can either numb or enhance the effects of the drugs.   

These are often date rape drugs that predators can use, and even if you take them willingly, they can often produce enhanced emotions, highs, and delirious hallucinations. In addition, most parties are loud, filled with music and lights, and lots of people. That’s already a hard environment to get around in, but having your brain fogged by party drugs will worsen the entire party environment. 

Additionally, it is easy to overdose on party drugs and takes too many. Some have delayed effects, and others might make you feel good, but it is often too easy to say to yourself, “I took one pill and felt good. How would two feel?” So you can overdose and deal with some major health problems because of an accidental overdose.

Overdosing on party drugs can lead to increased problems with depression and anxiety, an intense need to continually feel the “high” that the party drugs provide you, and the withdrawal symptoms whenever that “high” is no longer given to your brain and body.


Addicted to Party Drugs? How to Get Help

Party drugs are commonly available at parties and can be very dangerous for young adults and adults who take them, especially at a wild and alcohol-filled party. Therefore, getting support for an addiction to party drugs needs to be done sooner rather than later. Support programs can steer a young person back to sobriety; whether they need detoxing, support, aftercare, or counseling, dedicated places can provide all that. More than that, receiving care and guidance from a premier rehab facility is proven to be the most effective way to ensure long-term sobriety, as it can help one get to the root of why drugs were being used in the first place, preventing that same trigger from causing a future relapse. 

No matter what you need, if you or a loved one are addicted to party drugs, please reach out to get the help you need. We are happy to help you out. Then your loved ones can get back to the party without worrying about the party drugs, and that’s more fun for everyone.


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