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Find Substance Abuse Help in a Round Rock and Georgetown Drug Rehab

Medically Reviewed
Last Medically Reviewed on: July 5, 2022
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Written by

Kevin Lang

Updated on

2 Jul, 2022

With a deep focus on family and community, Round Rock and Georgetown are both rapidly growing cities nestled just outside the suburbs of Austin, Texas. Round Rock is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and is nationally recognized for being one of the country’s most livable towns to reside in. Despite this, many people in these cities are suffering from the devastating effects that alcoholism and addiction has on their well-being and livelihood. However, many people in these cities may feel at a loss of how to pursue treatment, especially if they fear being too far away from their comfort zone and family. They may delay seeking help, putting their life at even a more deadly risk.

Fortunately, there is help for someone struggling with substance abuse in Round Rock and Georgetown. In fact, there are certain drug rehab centers surrounding these communities, like Hacienda San Gabriel drug rehab, that specialize in treating this devastating disease while providing the close-to-home comfort that many people seek when beginning their recovery journey. It is through seeking help through these drug rehab settings that anyone struggling with the grips of addiction can learn the foundations of a fulfilling and lifelong sobriety experience.

Build Healthy Foundations of Recovery

Getting the help and support you need while recovering from a substance abuse disorder is essential to building a healthy foundation that will set the stage for lifelong sobriety. As such, Hacienda San Gabriel knows how to give you the specialized care you need during a particularly vulnerable time in your recovery journey. Acknowledging that recovery is best approached with a holistic mindset, Hacienda San Gabriel provides the personalized treatment plans that you need in order to feel that your unique needs are being well attended to. Furthermore, with expert therapists and counselors on staff, you can feel safe knowing that any issues that may arise will be taken care of and that you will learn healthy coping mechanisms to take with you outside of rehab. This will further guarantee that your sobriety will be on solid footing upon leaving treatment.

Breathe in Serenity

Located on a beautiful, expansive 100 acre ranch along the San Gabriel River in Liberty Hill, Hacienda San Gabriel provides the peace and serenity you need while learning how to live a life of sobriety. Just a short drive from Round Rock and Georgetown, this gorgeous acreage makes drive-time doable for any families that seek comfort in knowing that their loved ones are close while providing that same comfort for anyone embarking on their own journey of recovery. Furthermore, this tranquil ranch provides the safe space necessary for male clients to detach from outside distractions and focus solely on their sobriety and transformation process. This is especially helpful for anyone that is looking to heal from the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects that addiction/alcoholism has brought into their life and instead pave a new path of healing that is satisfying and fulfilling.

Reduce Stress

Science proves how detrimental stress can be to one’s body and mind. In order to combat the adverse effects that stress can incur on the body, Hacienda San Gabriel has employed meditation techniques that help control anxiety levels and promote emotional health. Furthermore, Hacienda San Gabriel recognizes that some of the most powerful healing experiences happen when immersed with beautiful nature surroundings. Therefore, walking meditations are utilized as a means to provide clients with a myriad of health benefits ranging from improved sleep and increased focus to boosting one’s energy levels and immune system.

With these improvements in physical and emotional well-being, the client then typically feels an increased sense of purpose and happiness, helping their healing journey move along more easily and effortlessly. Additionally, we have seen how effective meditating in nature can be to calming one’s mind and promoting well-being. By separating from life’s distractions in a beautiful environment, the brain’s daily chatter begins to subside and the client can then start to focus on what’s most important in their life. With this clarity of mind, clients feel a sense of inner stability, even when challenges are hurled their way. This ability to manage tough emotions is one of the greatest measures of maintaining sobriety and preventing a relapse from occurring in the future.

Safely Heal From Addiction

Addiction is multifaceted, meaning that a successful recovery depends on healing a variety of factors. This often includes healing emotional trauma. It is through getting to the root of the underlying reasons why abusing drugs or alcohol was used as a coping mechanism that another healthier coping mechanism can be developed. Having this solid foundation of emotional recovery is especially beneficial when navigating the challenges that can be presented in day-to-day situations. As such, Hacienda San Gabriel has employed addiction specialists that can help you more effectively approach recovery and move forward with a satisfying, fulfilling journey of sobriety. These on-site therapists and counselors are experts in guiding clients through emotional healing techniques that will teach clients how to proactively manage distressing emotions and stress.

Through these productive tools and stress-reducing methods, clients leave rehab feeling a sense of security and stability that they can handle whatever life throws their way. Furthermore, because addiction can have devastating effects on relationships, our therapists will empower you with relationship building tools that will help you cultivate and maintain healthy relationships moving forward. We make it a priority to see our clients thriving in rehab so that their transition out of treatment will be smooth and meaningful.

A Drug Rehab that Teaches Healthy Habits

It is proven time and time again that moving in ways that are enjoyable can promote a sense of well-being and vitality. As such, Hacienda San Gabriel works to incorporate a holistic approach to healing through also incorporating physical activity with clients. This piece of healing completes the spiritual and emotional healing brought on by counseling, connection to nature, and meditation.

Research proves that the benefits of exercise far extend past shaping or molding one’s body to look fit. The primary benefits of regular movement include things like: better sleep, a raised self-esteem, increased mental health and mood, and mental clarity. Because of these benefits and more, Hacienda San Gabriel has placed a beautiful on-site gym and swimming pool on the premises, as well employing a personal trainer to help guide clients on their physical activity journey.

Additionally, since nutrition is another major factor for well-being, we have staffed a personal chef that prepares meals with the goal of helping our client’s health thrive. Furthermore, with our on-site nurses, our residents can rest assured knowing that no matter what health issues may arise, there will always be someone there that can take care of their needs. It is our mission to see every aspect of healing provided for so that our clients have the best chance of living a life of meaningful and satisfying sobriety.

How to Seek Treatment in a Drug Rehab in Round Rock and Georgetown

Fortunately one does not need to relocate far away from home in order to get the help and support they need. Infinite Recovery at Hacienda San Gabriel provides the expert level care necessary to promote lifelong sobriety while also ensuring that you feel safe by knowing you are close to friends and family members. Conveniently located near Austin and surrounding areas like Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, Hacienda San Gabriel is the all-inclusive, holistic treatment center that you’ve needed to kick addiction to the curb.

You do not need to try walking this path of sobriety alone. It is imperative to your well-being and sobriety that you seek treatment immediately so that you can start living the drug-free life you’ve always wanted. Please reach out today so that you can get started on the path of lifelong sobriety immediately. You deserve to live a life of purpose and happiness that sobriety can provide.

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