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How Are You Showing Up in Your Recovery?

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8 Sep, 2022

All of us have been given a new lease on life. We all have a daily reprieve from a death sentence so long as we do the things necessary in order to grow our spiritual connection to our Higher Power. The 12th step of Alcoholics Anonymous states that we try “to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs” (60:1). Are you truly living in this step? Are you carrying the message to the newcomer and showing up as a person in recovery?

We have a message of hope and freedom that should be shouted from the rooftops!! Many of us carry the message of solution to the meetings we go to or to the H&Is that we attend. The fact of the matter is that you may not have even been able to share at these meetings or maybe you have some fear around what to say, how you will sound, or whatever the case may be. This is just our selfishness and self-centeredness cropping up in a new way. We must combat this by being of maximum service to those around us and what better way than to share at a meeting. Each one of you has something that no one else has. Our experiences have put us in a position to help others, just by telling our story! We do not have to do anything except trust in God and share our experience with the steps and with getting sober. It is that easy. The In-person Alumni Meeting, Thursday nights at 7:00 pm, is THE PERFECT PLACE to share with the newcomer! Both the residential and PHP clients need to hear this message of strength and hope and who better to hear it from then Alumni who have been where they are and are now walking the walk and talking the talk. All of you have an obligation and a duty to come to these meetings, connect and share with these clients to show them that long-term recovery is possible and that a life in sobriety is better than any life we have had before!

#wecanrecover together!

The Alumni Program is here to support you!  Contact James at 512-200-4925 or Rosana at 512-643-3732.

Alumni Spotlight

“My name is Hannah and I’m an alcoholic.” 2 years ago, this was a sentence I never thought I’d have the courage to even whisper to a friend—now, it is a statement that I’m proud to say out loud, no matter who is around.
I was a happy kid growing up. However, my mom passed away when I was 13 and my world changed. I became very isolated and at some point, adopted the stage character of a people pleaser. If I could just control the way people saw me, everything would be okay—I wouldn’t lose anyone else. The anxiety that came with the fear of disappointing people was crippling, but I didn’t know any other way to live.
When I got to college, I found the magic potion that made all the anxiety/depression go away: alcohol. It made me outgoing, confident, and happy. I remember thinking, “this is the feeling I’ve been searching for my whole life”. And it worked…until it didn’t.
I quickly became dependent on alcohol. In a few years, I was gone beyond recall and my life was unmanageable. I was suffering. I didn’t want to live this way anymore, or at all, but I didn’t know how to stop the cycle or ask for help—I wasn’t even sure if I wanted it. But I knew if I kept on, I was going to die.
September 7 th , 2020, is the day I tried to play God, however, it ended up being the day that God intervened. He did for me what I could not do for myself. After ending up in the hospital, I finally accepted help and my family found Infinite Recovery. I haven’t looked back since. Infinite helped me through my darkest time, and I came out having had a new spiritual experience and a drive to keep living.
Today, nearly 2 years later, I’m still with Infinite as a PHP house manager. Every day, I get to meet new women and give back what was so freely given to me. I am eternally grateful for Infinite Recovery. The anxiety and depression that once ruled my life is gone and the childlike happiness I had so long ago is back. THIS feeling is the freedom I was searching for all along. This is true happiness.”
Hannah M.Sobriety Date – 09/08/2020

What Are We Up To?

Infinite Recovery hosted the 7th Annual Williamson County Overdose Day on August 27th. It was a day to remember those who were lost and support those who are in recovery.  We had family members talking about their struggles and overdose survivors telling their stories of recovery. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR ALUMNI! The event had the full participation of IR alumni, either by assisting, volunteering, or directly participating in the event.  About 200 participants were together for healing and hope.

(Photo #1) We participated in “Don’t Run Alone” 5K, the National Recovery Month kick-off event in Williamson County, last Saturday, September 3rd.  Our alum Caleb F. got third place. (Photo #2) Right after that, we met at the park for our first Softball Social (see the next one under events). (Photo #3) In-person weekly alumni meetings.

Learning & Growing

Got Gratitude? by Mandy Jay “MJ” Goerger LPC-A, Infinite Recovery Counselor

Grumbling and complaining- it gets us nowhere
stuck in a rut of shame and despair…
anxiety, depression, addiction, and grief,
any chance of inner peace has been stolen by thieves!
Negative self-talk, harsh judgment, bad attitude- how do we change that???With GRATITUDE!

Here is some science behind it.
“When we express gratitude and receive the same, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the two crucial neurotransmitters responsible for our emotions, and they make us feel “good” (
What does that even mean??
grat·i·tude – /ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/ noun
1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. (Online Oxford dictionary).

Using gratitude actively can reduce symptoms of stress, decrease feelings of depression, and increase positive mindedness. Here are just some of the ways you can become an official “Gratitude Practitioner;”
1. Use it as a grounding technique when symptoms of anxiety, stress, or sadness are high by thinking in the moment of at least 3 things you are grateful for. This tells your brain and your body to calm down and focus on something positive.
2. Make it a daily practice by putting post-it notes around your house as reminders of how blessed you are,
3. Journal in the morning and evening about things you are hopeful for or that happen throughout your day.
4. Say it aloud!! Whether alone or with others, say it out loud. “THANK YOU!!”
5. Take a couple of minutes a day to ask others what they are grateful for.
6. Bring it up anytime anywhere! Next time you are praying, meditating, dancing, cooking, shopping, bathing, reading, playing… take an intentional moment to look around and find something (s) to be grateful for.

Michael Dadashi

Medical Content Writer

Family owned and operated since 2014, Infinite Recovery was founded by Michael & Ylianna Dadashi to give those struggling with addiction a second chance and help to rebuild their lives. Clean and sober since 2009, Michael is passionate about helping others discover their authentic self and live a life of true freedom and purpose.

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