Alcoholism creeps up on individuals in an unsuspecting way. As a legal intoxicant, it’s often difficult for those suffering to truly identify the early signs and symptoms. Unfortunately, many discover the extent of their predicament once their drinking has escalated to alcoholism. Infinite Recovery explores Alcohol Detox: The First Step.


What you need to know:


Having a better understanding of the alcohol detoxification process is one of the first steps towards long-lasting recovery. Alcohol is one of the most deadly and dangerous substances for your body to stop cold-turkey. The withdrawal process for alcohol begins much quicker than many other drugs and can kick in as early as a few hours after your last drink. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be so severe, that many suffering alcoholics trying to quit on their own give up on the detox process before it even begins.


Detoxing from alcohol on your own does not only affect you physically, but also emotionally, with common symptoms varying from Insomnia, vomiting, anxiety, high blood pressure, lack of appetite, confusion and mood swings. The more advanced symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may include tremors, heart palpitations, hypertension and seizures. Battling alcoholism is a time to be extremely cautious with your health. In active alcoholism, the body is accustomed to having alcohol in its system. Alcohol has been the deciding factor in how you feel, think act and even function. At this point, your body relies on alcohol and when the substance is abruptly taken away, the body can react in ways you might not expect. Although making the decision to stop drinking is the first step to recovery, it is not as simple as quitting cold turkey.


Why seek detox treatment?


At this point, you’ll want to be in the care of medical professionals helping you through the process as comfortably and safely as possible. Without knowing exactly how the body will respond to alcohol withdrawal, the first step to stop alcohol addiction is to undergo this process in the presence of trained medical professionals. Because it is such a risky process, it is always recommended that alcohol detox is attempted in a medically supervised setting.


We offer a medical drug and alcohol treatment detox program in South Austin, Texas that includes the support needed to get through this difficult time, and reassurance that you do not have to do this alone. Although medical detoxification from alcohol is only the first step of addiction treatment, and by itself is typically insufficient in aiding alcoholics to maintain long-term recovery, it is a highly recommended start to your journey to addiction treatment recovery.


Our drug and alcohol detox and rehab in Austin, Texas treats all forms of the disease of alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction or heroin addiction, get help now. Infinite Recovery offers a confidential hotline at (844) 206-9063 and our admissions team is available 24/7 online.

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