Steven Long


My name is Steven Long, I am the Director of Client Service Operations at Infinite Recovery, and I am extremely blessed to be a part of the team here. As an addict in 12 step recovery, I’m very passionate about 12 step work and the Power that I have gained a relationship with through the 12 step process. Through that process God has renewed and polished many things in my life, the number one thing is my family. I have a beautiful, supportive wife, and two amazing children. That’s what really attracted me to Infinite, the constant effort to implement and embed a passion for recovery into every individual that walks through door, and the very inviting family energy.

I have worked in the field of recovery since 2012. I started in the field as a RCA, and over the years have had the ability to move to Recovery Specialist, Director of Recovery Services and Director of Operations at a high accountability sober living organization.
And I feel extremely blessed and humbled to have the opportunity to continue to serve as part of the leadership team here at Infinite Recovery.

– Steven L. # WeCanRecover