Shobin Shanko


Born and raised in Chicago, I moved to Texas around the age of 11. Unfortunately I began experimenting with substances at a young age. As I got older my disease progressed and ended with IV Heroin use. I eventually dropped out of graduate school, cut off all meaningful relationships, became homeless, and got arrested. I finally hit a state of desperation where I was willing to reach out for help and take any suggestions given to me. After my third treatment facility, I took in the tools to achieve a life of sobriety. Today I have a job I love, a home, a relationship with my family and true friends who care about me. Most importantly I have a deep and meaningful connection with God. None of this
would be possible without the 12 steps which opened me up to a spiritual way of living. Recovery is possible and I am just one amongst many living examples of this new way of life. It works if you work it!