Ryan Derbes


“My name is Ryan Derbes, and I am very blessed to be part of an organization that teaches the same solution that saved my life. I struggled with addiction to oxycodone and heroin for several years and decided that I wanted to stop. It never occurred to me that maybe I couldn’t stop. I lost a multiple jobs, relationships, and burned through all the money I could get my individualized. I found myself in and out of rehabs and detoxes trying to figure out a way to stay sober and I was baffled, confused, and demoralized and so was my family. I was unable to say sober for longer than two months outside of a treatment center, and my life fell apart rapidly multiple times. During this time, I was kicked out of a rehab for getting caught sneaking drugs and alcohol in multiple times, and out of multiple sober livings for continuous relapses. I found myself in situations and places I never expected myself to ever be. Through the 12 step process, I gained access to a connection to a Power which saved me from myself. Through the relationship I now have with what I choose to call God, not only am I able to stay sober, but life is infinitely more fulfilling and satisfying. I am actually able to show up for people in my life today and see what I can add to life instead of what I can get out of it. I am truly grateful to be a part of the team at Infinite, and to be able to share what was given to me.” – Ryan