John Luke Fritz


My name is John Luke Fritz and I am blessed to be part of an organization that has a holistic and heartfelt approach to dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction. Infinite Recovery’s program teaches the same solution that drastically changed my life and empowered me to live a life of purpose, fulfillment and freedom from addiction. I began struggling with addiction as a teen, but did not recognize I had a problem with alcohol and drugs until my twenties. During this time period, I began to notice a dramatic amount of losses in my personal, academic and professional life. I was frequently hospitalized throughout each year for excessive alcohol consumption and withdrawal symptoms. I was causing pain to loved ones and my physical and mental health was deteriorating. I was eventually without a home, job, school and my relationships with family and friends were either lost or under extreme stress. I soon realized that I could not quit drinking alcohol and using drugs without help from someone or something greater than myself. I went through treatment and was immersed in the 12 Step process, which brought me clarity, direction and hope to maintain sobriety. I am now living a life of joy and gratitude for each moment as a sober member of society. I am able to show up in relationships with others and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. It is my goal as a member of our team at Infinite Recovery, to share this program that brings numerous lives freedom from addiction. It has been a privilege to witness so many people be impacted by our program and I look forward to sharing my joy, hope and experiences with each person I encounter.