Amanda Prine


“My story started at a very young age. My family started getting me high when I was 5 until I was 14. For me I was shocked to find out in my mid 20’s that there was a whole world of people out there that led successful normal lives and did not use drugs. I thought it was normal and was raised to believe that. Dabbling with recovery was very painful and I found a whole lot of emotions that I didn’t realize that I had and all I wanted to do was bury those feelings. I finally decided I wanted more out of life. It took moving over 1000 miles away from everything I knew and loved for me to maintain my sobriety. I have been sober for almost 6 years now. The people that helped me the most in my recovery were the people that had been through it. I am so grateful to Infinite Recovery because now I get to be one of those people. I never would have dreamed this possible. I love helping people, talking to them when they call in, and doing whatever I can to get them into treatment. I feel like I am giving back and it is so rewarding. It does not feel like work it feels like what I was always meant to do.” -Amanda