Total Family Healing

We provide care for both our clients and our client’s families. Our programs are built to engage recovery through consistent family contact that both provides updates and ongoing support. We also know that sometimes the best support for you lies in getting counseling. That is why we provide family counseling for free (either in person or by phone) for all clinical and sober living programs.

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The Role Of Family In Recovery

Here at Infinite Recovery, we know family is key to developing sobriety that lasts. However, we know the strain addiction has put on your family. It often forced you to make choices you wish you didn’t have to. Often, relationships are fractured. We can help. We know you want to repair your relationship, and that is why we work to return you back to your original role of mother, father, brother, sister, or son.

Alleviate Dependency With Tailored Remedies

Every person’s addiction and level of dependency is unique. That is why drug rehab for families only works when recovery is tailored to your loved ones’ needs. That is why we provide care for both inpatient, and out. To help make the right call we have admissions specialists on staff who can quickly determine the level of support your loved one needs. While in residency they undergo both extensive trauma therapy and the Infinite Recovery 8 Dimensions of Wellness process. This is all done under supervision of therapists and support teams. As your loved one develops a relationship with our experts, they will tailor the ideal treatment plan for total life transformation.

How to Get Started

You want to help your loved ones recover. Drug rehab for families isn’t easy. That is why we are here for you. Contact our admissions specialists and they can coach you on the best methods to approach getting help for your loved one. If required, we also provide free intervention services when needed.
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