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Infinite Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Austin Where We Heal the Disease of Addiction

At our residential treatment facility in Austin, Texas, we focus on helping people achieve long-term recovery from addiction. We accomplish this by addressing the root causes of addiction through a comprehensive range of care services. Our goal is to heal individuals and support their journey to a healthier life.

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Over the past decade Infinite Recovery has helped thousands of individuals achieve long-term sobriety through drug & alcohol rehab in Austin.

We can genuinely treat this disease when we heal the root causes of drug addiction. As a result, you can begin living an authentic and wholehearted life.

114 Reviews

Thank you!

Thanks to Infinite I am doing great and have a year and 4 months of sobriety and couldn’t be happier!

Britney M.

I will forever be in deep gratitude for the new path Infinite Recovery has set me on!

I had the opportunity to go to treatment at Infinite Recovery recently and it was a dramatic life changing experience for me. I was surrounded by a team of professionals who helped me to recover from the hopelessness of alcoholism.

Landon M.

I am coming up on a year of sobriety in 2 weeks!

Thanks to EVERYONE at Infinite! The structure, the classes, the meetings, the counseling sessions, the community, the aftercare, the accountability, the brothers in recovery, the lifelong friendships, the support - are unmatched and invaluable. Infinite is the real deal and I’m forever grateful.

Julian M.

I am infinitely grateful for this second chance at life.

Infinite Recovery is an extremely thorough 12 step program with solid support, encouragement and accountability. I have learned how to be self reliant, reliable and how to hold myself accountable.

Emily J.

Outstanding Program

Infinite Recovery is an incredible treatment center. I did their full continuum of care - residential, PHP, and IOP / sober living - which was about 4 months. Through my time at Infinite, I not only got sober, but I regained a sense of purpose and joy in my life.

Caroline L.
Infinite Recovery's drug rehab center in Austin, TX

The Infinite Experience - Our Unique Full Continuum Care for alcohol rehab in Austin

Full Continuum of Drug Rehab Programs in Austin to Support You at Every Stage

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We guide you through the Infinite Experience of building a life that you want to stay sober for. Long-term recovery becomes sustainable when you have the full continuum of care within the same ecosystem.

Infinite Recovery Austin TX offers a high level of care through inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient programs. Dual diagnosis treatment center supports individuals and group addiction treatment.

Discover The Infinite Experience

Medical Detox

Receive top-of-the-line medical care and supervision at our Austin detox. This quiet, comfortable environment is catered to support your recovery as you detox from drugs and alcohol. Medically supervised detoxification is a vital step in the drug and alcohol treatment process, allowing individuals to create a stable foundation before pursuing residential treatment or outpatient services. Following detox, our team will help you transfer to the appropriate level of care in the next step of your recovery journey.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Build physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness through our residential program, which can be extended up to 90 days. Our inpatient treatment program focuses on healing the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction. Through mental health services, support groups, dual diagnosis treatment, life skills development, and individual case management, our addiction treatment providers help empower you to live your healthiest and most fulfilled life.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Undergo extended care following residential rehab in our 30, 60, or 90-day Partial Hospitalization Programs in Austin, TX. Receive ongoing medical and mental health treatment services from experienced recovery support specialists while we provide you with the care and accountability needed for relapse prevention. Infinite Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program utilizes evidence-based practices and a holistic approach to identify, address, and heal the underlying causes of substance use disorder.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Receive ongoing relapse prevention support in Austin, Texas, through our Intensive Outpatient Program for newly sober individuals. Our Austin outpatient rehab offers accountability for the newly sober while providing flexible care. Outpatient services are especially necessary for people with a history of chronic relapse. In this stage we provide modern, evidence-driven, therapeutic interventions including dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients stay on track and in recovery.

Sober Living

Ease your way back into life outside of the treatment center with the support of Sober Living. Our Sober Living environments allow you to take advantage of community and other relapse prevention resources, empowering you to sustain sobriety as you transition back into daily life. Infinite recovery operates over a dozen gender-specific sober living facilities throughout the Austin, Texas area.

What Makes Infinite Recovery’s Drug Rehab Program in Austin Unique

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Truly Individualized Care and Attention

On day 1, clients are assigned a personal team of recovery support specialists who customize and oversee every stage of recovery. Your recovery team is dedicated to ensuring life inside and outside of the treatment center is taken care of for you, so you can focus solely on your healing.

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Healing the Root Cause of Addiction

Our methods are focused on healing the root causes of addiction. We guide you through the process of building a life you love while addressing the emotional and mental patterns driving the addictive behavior.

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Family Owned and Operated

This is personal to us. Our founders have made Infinite Recovery their life’s work and legacy. As a result, our patients and the families of our patients feel a deep sense of care and connection. This is because each member of our team is personally invested in the success of your healing.

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Full Continuum of Care

Your Drug Rehab Austin Treatment Team

You have four people personally dedicated to your comfort and success.

Meet Our Team

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Psychiatrist & Addictionologist

Member of the medical team at Infinite Recovery drug rehab in Austin, TX

Medical Team

Patients at Infinite Recovery's drug rehab in Austin, TX


Recovery Support Specialist Brandon Doss

Recovery Support Specialist

Our Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have received specialized training in diagnosing and treating individuals with substance use disorders. The team works with individuals using medication, therapy, and evidence-based methods as a crucial part of recovery.

They also work with other members of the care team to provide comprehensive care. They help identify any underlying mental health conditions contributing to the addiction, and provide appropriate treatment.

Our nursing team specializes in evidence-based methodologies for treating individuals with substance use disorders. They provide medication management, monitor vital signs, and help manage withdrawal symptoms. Our nurses work closely with our psychiatrists and other care team members to provide comprehensive care, including identifying and treating any underlying health conditions that may contribute to addiction. With the help of our dedicated nursing team, individuals can feel confident they are receiving high-quality care and support on their path to recovery.

We focus on healing the root cause of alcohol and drug addiction through evidence based therapies and mental health services. Clients in our residential and outpatient treatment programs work individually with an on site therapist in addition to participating in group therapy sessions. In a safe and supportive environment, individuals are able to work through challenging emotions and past trauma while developing healthy life skills and thought patterns that help prevent relapse.

Infinite Recovery creates an individualized treatment program for each client, modifying treatment approaches and services to suit their unique needs. We assign a support specialist to every client in our recovery programs to help monitor progress and ensure that treatment is effective. The individualized treatment plan will also include strategies for addressing any dual diagnosis, such as a mental health disorder or any other emotional trauma that is identified.

Our mission is to help everyone suffering from addiction, from the client to their family, heal.

Infinite Recovery Co-Founders

Infinite Recovery Austin rehab center is a calm, distraction-free space for people suffering from addiction. A space designed to recover in a manner fit to their needs.

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Infinite Recovery Co-Founders

Founders Michael & Ylianna Dadashi

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Healing Families

Infinite Recovery’s family treatment program aims to help your family heal and grow closer together. The program focuses on understanding addiction as a chronic illness.

Our support group programs aim to help patients and their loved ones address the root causes of their addictive behavior. Instead of just treating symptoms, we focus on resolving the underlying issues. Austin drug rehab is key to successful long-term recovery.

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The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation
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We remove the financial barriers to high quality drug rehab treatment.

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