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Addiction Recovery

All Infinite Recovery programs are built on the foundation of a timeless 12-step experience.  We believe that looking at ourselves honestly and pursuing spiritual growth are necessities for anyone looking to maintain long-term sobriety.  Whether you are beginning your journey at our Center for Transformational Recovery or…


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Spiritual Development

Whatever your spiritual inclinations, Infinite Recovery can help you discover the strength to get sober. For Infinite Recovery, spiritual development is a highly individualized process. Whether you identify as religious, spiritual, or agnostic, our goal is to help you discover a purpose for your life.


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Emotional Difficulties

Addiction is often accompanied by other mental and emotional problems. Whether your substance abuse caused those problems or those problems caused your substance use makes no difference in the face of recovery. Whatever the issue, Infinite Recovery is here to help.


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“Recovery isn’t just about refraining from drugs. Recovery is a lifestyle.” 

– KC Davis, Executive Director

Life Skills

Addiction has likely impaired your development of the skills necessary to operate in today’s world. All Infinite Recovery programs are designed to meet you wherever you might be in your transition. 


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Education/ Employment

  Our Recovery Coaches and clinical staff are trained and available to all clients to help you get on track with short and long terms goals concerning education and employment. We are here to help you…


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Family Dynamics

  Certainly no one can argue that the effects of addiction tears families apart. Often the damage creates dysfunction that runs into even the furthest branches of the family tree. Our staff is trained to help you and your family


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