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Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab in Austin

Searching for alcohol and drug rehab centers in Austin, TX, can be an overwhelming and emotional task. There’s so much to consider, not least costs and what type of detox program you need.

At Infinite Recovery, our goal is to take the stress and anxiety away from both addicts and their families. The drug rehab center in Austin is a welcoming space. All the medical support you need to move from detox to sober living in a relaxing, home-like environment.

Where better to heal than in a dedicated, caring atmosphere? Connect with us to learn more.

Men and women embrace at sober living Austin
Infinite Recovery's sober living Austin TX yard

Family-Owned, Heart-Centered Care for Drug Rehab Austin Texas

Your personal healing and wellbeing matter to us. As a family-run operation, we are hands-on. Our small group sizes mean you or your loved one receive the individualized care they deserve.

Every aspect of your treatment is supported at our Austin drug rehab center. Whether you choose in-patient care or attend as an out-patient, full continuum of care is assured.

Throughout your program the same friendly and caring staff help you take the steps from detox to sober living. The help you need is always close by.

Sober living Austin couples couseling

What Can You Expect at Infinite Recovery Drug Rehab Austin TX?

Drug addiction treatment programs take a holistic, long-term approach. We’ve worked with many people searching for respite from substance abuse. And, we know that the first step is hard.

That’s why our drug rehab center in Austin, Texas combines the best of medical care with mental health services. Treatment centers offer dual diagnosis treatment for both drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Coming off benzodiazepines, opioids, Xanax, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl or other substances is hard. Our first-rate medical team and treatment can make the process easier.

Our treatment facility features modern, bright amenities with comfortable rooms. Take a look at Infinite Recovery drug rehab – Austin photos for a more indepth view. The high level of care includes:

  • Medically assisted detoxification from all addictive substances
  • 24-hour medical care and coverage
  • Daily visits with medical providers
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Individualized medical assessments and treatment plans
  • Chef-prepared meals and individual meal plans are available

At our recovery center we want to get to the root cause of your addiction. Drug and alcohol rehab in Austin may include a range of different therapies to help detoxification.

Art, boxing & body movement, family, and motivational interviewing are just a few of the treatments on offer.

Psychiatric care uncovers any mental health issues that may be adding to substance use disorders. Evidence-based medical and clinical assessment tools help to give our clients the best platform for recovery.

Sober living Austin couples couseling

Holistic Healthcare for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

We want to give you the best possible care to take you on your lifelong journey to health and happiness. As well as taking care of your wellbeing, we also help make our services more accessible through your health insurance.

We accept most major insurance policies to lessen the financial impact of treatment. Verify your insurance with our admissions office. They will help you sort out the paperwork.

If you are ready to get help, get in touch. Contact us by filling out the form or give us a call. We are here to help.

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