We help you heal, grow, and build a foundation for long-term sobriety.

Focus on your recovery at Villa San Miguel.

Connect with your true purpose at our South Austin urban retreat.

Villa San Miguel offers 24/7 support and serenity to help you heal.

Get the care you need in the heart of Austin, Texas.

After you’ve completed detox, the next step on your road to recovery is residential care. You can be overcome by the weight of what comes next, and you need the space to do the work of getting and staying sober.

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Villa San Miguel helps you restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Villa San Miguel is a 3 acre urban retreat in South Austin’s Oak Hill, a restorative place to start working on your recovery. We provide a refuge away from the world where you can focus on getting healthy.

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You need a place where you can renew your sense of connection.

By artificially generating endorphins and increased dopamine levels through drugs or alcohol, you’ve lost your connection to simply being alive. We’ll help you connect to your life purpose again, and feel good without needing substances.

Experience emotional healing and increased energy through yoga.

Villa San Miguel provides on-site yoga to connect your mind, body, and breath. Yoga helps you gain self-awareness and focus your attention inward. With yoga, you practice a healthy way to cope with life’s daily stressors.

Get healthy with access to a qualified healthcare provider.

The on-site nurses at Villa San Miguel help ease your post-detox recovery so you can concentrate on maintaining sobriety. Our on-site nurses help you manage any symptoms you may have. We help you keep your commitment to recovery by treating your symptoms in more healthy ways.

Nurture a healthy body with delicious, life-sustaining food.

Villa San Miguel helps you eat well and savor the simple pleasures of delicious and nutritious food. Our personal chef creates tailored meals that encourage a lifetime of healthy nutrition choices. When your body feels healthy, you feel good about staying sober.

Develop your emotional intelligence to manage challenging relationships.

Work and performance-related relationships are often demanding. Setting boundaries, showing up completely, and staying present through difficult situations — these skills can be practiced and learned. Villa San Miguel supports your relationship management skills by providing therapists and counselors. We help you learn to manage stress and feel prepared to succeed in any performance-based situation.

We support you in understanding yourself and the underlying causes of your addiction.

Right after you complete detox, you need to heal and focus on making positive changes. We help you find the sources of your addiction and how to identify the treatments that work best for you.

At Villa San Miguel we have a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction medicine. We also offer on-site masters-level therapists, on-site medical staff, and recovery support specialists.

Villa San Miguel is a refuge where you can establish a new life of sobriety.

You have the potential to get and stay sober. You can manage your life. You can build healthy and satisfying relationships. You just need a place to begin. Villa San Miguel is an urban retreat where you can heal and develop the skills you need to stay sober.

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