During the COVID-19 pandemic, the question we ask ourselves everyday is: “what can we do to ensure the safety and health of our patients and staff?” Everyday, our team is meeting and coming up with updates to our strategy that answer that very question. Here is a list of things we are actively practicing:

  • Increased education on the importance of hand washing and hygiene
  • Practicing social distancing in the group setting by moving groups to other areas in our facilities
  • Additional screening questions during the admission process to evaluate the risk of individuals who may be carrying the virus
  • In addition to screening questions, our medical staff examines patients upon intake to assess any symptoms
  • Non-essential staff is working from home
  • No transportation of patients to outside meetings – Other resources made available
  • No events at or off campus
  • No people from outside our population are allowed on the property
  • And NOW OFFERING TELEHEALTH for IOP (Intensive Outpatient), aftercare and other outpatient services
  • Alumni and other meetings are now offered online

We are committed to ensuring that those that need treatment have the most access they can during these times. Recovery doesn’t stop and neither do we. Our doors remain open 24/7 so we can do our part to keep the community healthy and strong during this time.

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