It’s impossible not to be deeply saddened by images on the news and seeing the empty streets around the world and packed hospitals, and by the continued struggle, the world endures through this moment in history.  How could this have happened? And more importantly, what can we do now to overcome this global health crisis and get through this together?  The coronavirus represents a significant additional challenge for everyone, especially those in recovery, for Infinite Recovery and, of course, for the entire world. The global spread of COVID-19 has already wrecked many lives and has millions more worried. Our society is dealing with issues ranging from job loss to caring for family members young and old, all while adjusting to unfamiliar new social rules and attitudes.  We see the tremendous passion you all have for helping the recovery community in this uncertain time and how each of you pours your heart into every client’s sobriety.  We are taking every possible precaution to protect our people – teleworking, social distancing, frequent handwashing, and much more. We are also doing everything we can to support our essential employees and our clients, who are more vulnerable during this crisis in their recovery.  Even with some of our employees now working from home, we are finding new ways to support the direct care staff and client’s recovery with digital tools and innovative technologies. The current crisis shows just how interconnected the world is today. That may present challenges, but it also enables some unusual solutions – solutions that harness coordinated joint action to fulfill people’s essential needs.  This year will surely go down in history, not just for the pandemic, but for the many ways in which people are choosing to stand together, join forces and support those around them in many ways.  Behavioral health is so important right now in so many ways, and we are so proud of all the hard work, dedication, and love each one of you continues to model every day!

Our employees are doing everything necessary to keep the continuum working, to adapt to the ever-changing environment and to continue to pour their hearts into recovery.   We personally want to thank all the remarkable people at Infinite Recovery who strive to serve others with their professionalism, innovation and most of all their hearts!

Take care and stay safe and don’t forget to pour your hearts out!

Michael and Ylianna Dadashi


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