We found an interesting piece in the news this week on Today.com that highlights the importance of meditation in your everyday life. Read The Power of Meditation: Growing Research Shows All the Ways It’s Good for Us

While the science behind the benefits of meditation is still in it’s early stages, there is growing research about the benefits of meditation for depression, general mood, stress relief, pain management, and maybe even brain aging.

At Infinite Recovery, we believe in healthy coping skills like meditation.  That’s why we practice it with our clients, our staff, and even offer a free, open-to-the-public meditation class here on Wednesday nights.  Come check it out!

And whether there’s overwhelming scientific research or not, I can speak for myself that I started meditating one month ago (about 4 nights a week, for about 15 minutes per night), and I feel much calmer and happier, and I sleep better now. Give it a try!

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