September is National Recovery Month, and to honor the occasion we’re sharing personal stories of triumph over addiction in Austin. Our last installment comes from Infinite Recovery’s Bonnie Barton.


Growing up around a great family that always showered me with love, from an outsider’s perspective I was a ‘good kid.’ Inside however, I was constantly struggling with feeling like an outsider and always searching for what I thought was the missing piece. As I always turned to external factors to aid in my happiness, I strived for perfection in my studies and career. I have always struggled with anxiety, but when I moved to New York City after I graduated from college my anxiety progressed at a rapid pace, to the point where it was crippling. There were days where I couldn’t get out of bed and couldn’t even leave the house. Of course, I wanted a quick fix for that feeling, so instead of dealing with it in a healthy manner, I turned to benzos to make that feeling go away.

I finally found something that put all of my insecurities at ease and thought surely I had found that ‘missing piece’ I was always searching for. I immediately felt a sense of ease and comfort when I started taking them and quickly began combining the pills with alcohol. My active addiction progressed at a rapid pace and by the last year of my drinking, I was drinking from sun-up to sun-down. It got to a point where every bone in my body wanted to stop but I just didn’t know how. I was so isolated from the world and I remember the pain of that being completely unbearable. With the progression of my disease came the consequences… damaging personal relationships, trips to the emergency room, getting evicted, an arrest and ultimately a suicide attempt, but none of that mattered to me at the time and I still couldn’t stop.

I was completely hopeless and thought I was completely out of options when I decided to finally seek treatment and get help where my life changed forever. Through working a program of recovery and finding my own conception of God I finally found my missing puzzle piece. This time that missing piece was something abundant with only room to grow and evolve unlike everything else I sought to fix me. These days my life’s so full it’s practically bursting at the seams. I especially enjoy seeking beauty around me in things like nature, music, photography and art. Having passion and purpose is what fuels me in life and I am so proud to be a person in long-term recovery today.


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