Family members deserve the same care and treatment that the person suffering from addiction receives. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places a person can check in for 30 days while learning to recover from the devastating effects of a loved one’s addiction. Many families of addicts are faced with two options: do their own research on the web and in local support groups or “wing it” and navigate the course on their own. When those loved ones begin to start the path to recovery, families, while elated, are left with questions. How do I help my loved one? How do I learn not to enable? What is my role now that this person is in recovery?

The plot thickens when we consider that family dynamics can often lead to relapse or other dysfunctional behaviors. How is a family to address the overall picture and begin to recovery as a family?

At Infinite Recovery, our Austin, TX treatment center has created a family program with these things in mind. Families need education about addiction, but often need more to help them develop strong family recovery. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to offer a combination of education and therapy over a two-day powerful healing workshop. Here’s what our families are saying about the experience:

“I believe the work you are doing here is profound and different from other family programs. The individualized exercises were powerful and healing. Thank you for your bravery and attention to the needs of our entire family”

“This program and the way y’all break down barriers and emotions is unlike anything I could imagine.”

“So helpful and real—I learned some amazing relationship skills and saw my daughter have important breakthroughs. And I had breakthroughs!”

“Not boring—bravo!”

“This treatment has been life changing for Sam. The extra time that you recommended and pushed for and the way you worked with him was more than I could have ever expected. Thank you Infinite Recovery team for breaking Sam down and preparing him to manage his addiction and be a successful and confident person in life.”

“You worked with each family 1000%!!! Your team’s commitment to the client and family is above and beyond what I expected.”

“Very different than any other center and it really works. The staff cares very much about each and every patient and their recovery.”

“Although the family program was emotional and intense, it was extremely helpful in getting each other to understand how we feel and talk it out. I am so grateful for the experience and how much it has helped my family.”

“I wish I would have found you guys sooner.”

“What I learned [during family program] was real, not just a description or definition about addiction.”

“It feels different than other recovery programs.”


The Infinite Recovery family program is often the turning point for client and loved ones alike while they sift through family issues in a safe environment with our trained staff. Our trusted team of clinicians and recovery managers provide the love, support, and passion necessary to help parents answer their questions about drug addiction and provide solutions for families.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or alcoholism, get help now. We offer a confidential hotline at (844) 206-9063 and our admissions team is available 24/7 online.


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