When you or your loved one has a problem with addiction, it can be terrifying!  How do you help?Where do you send them? What do you need to know?  Maybe you would just call the first place that comes up on the Internet, and go with them out of desperation.  Or maybe you would call 3 places and pick the cheapest one.

Here are five things you should ask when interviewing treatment centers, along with what you should know:

Q: How long is this program?

A:   What you should know: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), outcomes for residential or outpatient treatment programs are more successful when an individual participates for 90 days or more. NIDA recommends follow-up care after a 90-day stay to maintain sobriety. At Infinite Recovery, we believe in 90-day treatment. That’s why we offer the Center for Transformational Recovery: a 90-day men’s program for chemical dependency. We also offer follow-up services to get our clients to that one-year mark in sobriety.

Q: How many clients are in the program?

A: What you should know: Treatment centers vary widely when it comes to client census. Some centers can hold up to 45, or even 100. At Infinite Recovery we believe part of the transformative experience of our center is the small client communities. Our 90-day program never has more than 12 clients at a time, so that each person gets individualized attention and care.

Q: How big are client caseloads?

A: What you should know: In an effort to save money, some treatment centers saddle counselors with caseloads of 20 or more. At Infinite Recovery, we believe quality treatment can only happen when clients get individualized attention by counselors who care. That’s why we cap our counselor caseloads at 8 clients.

Q: Does this treatment offer a continuum of care?    

A: Going away to treatment is only the first step in a long recovery journey, and many individuals struggle after treatment. Again, research suggests that long-term sobriety is easier to attain with additional follow-up care after a 90-day stay in treatment. At Infinite Recovery, we believe that offering all the different levels of treatment—90-day, intensive outpatient, and sober living—allows clients to transition at their own pace, surrounded by the treatment team who knows them best. To support ongoing recovery, one year of aftercare groups are included in the price of 90-day treatment at Infinite Recovery.



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