Our team at Infinite Recovery would like to take this time to recognize our truly amazing Clinical Director Robin Lindeman. As Clinical Director, Robin over sees a plethora of responsibilities, and she does so with whit, remarkable attention to detail, and a calmness that sets the tone for a professional setting.

Robin Lindeman has been an integral part of Infinite Recovery in her time with the company, with experience in nearly all aspects of the trade. With her knowledge in both clinical and operational workings, Robin brings a wealth of insight into daily goings-on and a voice that is respected and appreciated.

Having worked in Admissions, Utilization Review, Clinical Staffing, and Compliance Specialization Mrs. Lindeman gives Infinite Recovery the ability to be prepared on all fronts. Being a recovering addict herself, she has a plethora of experience that lends itself to all the staff. One employee stated that, “Robin’s extensive knowledge of health insurance criteria helps ensure that clients get the most programing as possible while in treatment. This, combined with her clinical expertise, make her an enormous asset to the company and clients.”

Robin Lindeman truly is an amazing person and a great Clinical Director who sets the tone for our important work. Almost acting like the mother to our Infinite Family, Robin guides Infinite in a positive direction that continues to be filled with growth and opportunity

Our drug and alcohol detox and rehab in Austin, Texas treats all forms of the disease of alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction or heroin addiction, get help now. Infinite Recovery offers a confidential hotline at (844) 206-9063 and our admissions team is available 24/7 online.

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