“Before my son entered recovery, any day of significance was a stressful ordeal. My son Kyle was constantly seeking help and relapsing in even more destructive ways. Whether it was a holiday, birthday, family gathering, or special event, I would hold my breath and hope that Kyle wouldn’t walk into the party with glazed eyes and a barely-there mental presence. Events that were meant to be fun and filled with love somehow always became another reminder that my son, as sweet and loving as he once was, could overdose on heroin at any moment.

It was a constant state of terror.

My birthday falls on the week right before Mother’s Day, so in the past it would be a back-to-back blow. He would show up to my birthday with glassy eyes and pale, malnourished skin. Then, on Mother’s Day, he would try to clean himself up and be energetic, but it was clear he was filled with anxiety and putting on a show for us.

Those were dark, terrifying days.

When our family’s prayers were finally answered four years ago, things began to drastically change. My son was finally present and coherent. Our family was finally able to celebrate without an underlying fear of Kyle overdosing at the table or wrecking his car after. We were able to laugh freely, enjoy each other’s company, and relax.

As time has passed and my son’s recovery continued to grow, I saw my son become a man. He was not only able to remember my birthday and Mother’s Day, but he was able to take part and be considerate. I’m a generally low-key person, and don’t like to make a big fuss about myself – I really just want my sons, husband, and I to be with one another – so for Kyle to actively show up and take part in our family again meant the world to me.

Recovery hasn’t just improved Mother’s Day or my birthday, what it’s done is rebuild our family and create a stronger bond than we could have ever prayed for. I have two wonderful sons who I’m proud of and constantly thank God from the bottom of my heart for their health and prosperity. My greatest hope is that other parents who are struggling with their own child’s addiction can experience the same freedom our family has.

Recovery works, take it from us.

– Nancy Infante, mother of Infinite Recovery’s Kyle Infante


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