Infinite Recovery prides themselves on their dedication to each person our staff encounters, our commitment to compliance and privacy, and our strong emphasis on clinical and 12 step modalities. For the next several weeks, our team will be sharing their stories and experience around an individual step to share their pain and progress into a recovered lifestyle. We’re continuing our series with Utilization Review Specialist and Counselor Lauren Waters.

Step Two: We came to believe that a Power Greater than Ourselves could restore us to sanity.

This means NO HUMAN POWER to me. This realization came dramatically as I realized I had no say in how I could continue. I had to rely on something larger and greater than myself.

Realizing that there was no amount of money, no relationship, no job, no car I could get that would keep me sober and at peace with my life was kind of a punch in the gut! Even as my life has grown while in sobriety – getting married, becoming a mother, forming new deep relationships with friends and family, establishing a career path – I find myself having to reconnect with that Power and rely on that rather than my external circumstances.

It’s definitely a balancing act. It was very easy to rely completely and totally on God when my external circumstances were in shambles during my first months of sobriety. Then, as time passed and my material possessions grew and my relationships improved, I found a ‘quicker fix’ in those than in prayer. I’m blessed to have a solid support group that helps me find my way back to prayer than my externals.

By no means am I saying once I connect, I stay connected. Some days, I still get in the delusion that things and people in this world will keep me happy and sober. I am grateful to have those experiences and grow spiritually. My second step is not a ‘one and done’ deal. I have to continue to understand that I am beyond human aid and plug into power to maintain freedom.

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