My son’s drug addiction was like my own personal prison sentence.

It was as if I was suddenly arrested by the drugs and alcohol, nobody told me what I was charged with and I had no idea if my sentence would be one month, one year, or life. I knew my crime must be serious, or why else would I be tortured daily by the disease, never knowing if my child would live or die. After all, my son was chained to heroin, and it must be my fault–or so I told myself.

The shame alone causes so much isolation. So I worked relentlessly with addiction specialists, rehab facilities, and most of all with my Lord. My darling son was suffering so terribly, he never dreamed this disease would consume him like it did. I thought we were working together to conquer this disease. But lo and behold, I was working alone by trying to manage every aspect of his life.

It took me years to realize that I can’t love him out of addiction, I can’t move him around the country, nor can I provide the safe place to fall. Our children need professionals, compassion, and guidance through the process. It finally paid off, because my son admitted he was ready for help and worked at it. There were so many good people that took the time and guided him through this difficult process. Both of us realized this was out of our hands – we sought professional help for Michael’s chronic and near-fatal drug addiction. He worked very hard to heal physically and spiritually.

Seven years ago, we got released from that prison and I thank the Lord daily for my new-found freedom – our new-found freedom. My son is my hero and a beloved member of society–ready day or night to help another addict recover.

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